About Unical ICT Directorate

Unical ICT is an acronym that stands for the University of Calabar Information and Communications Technology. It is a unit that is responsible for developing, maintaining and adapting information and communications technology infrastructure, products and services to the Unical Community. The unit has been efficiently and adequately empowered with state-of-the art resources necessary for enhanced actualization of the University’s core mandate (teaching, research and community services), support learning, communications and administrative activities, from innovative ICT products and solutions. Some of these infrastructure and services include providing internet services, creating emails to all categories of staff and students, maintaining the University website, creating portals for staff, Departments, Faculties, Centres and Institutes, maintaining staff and students’ databases, research and development..... Others include pioneering the e-learning progammes, results and transcripts processing. Unical ICT, being the nerve-centre of all academic and non-academic operations in the University, is on onerous mission of ensuring that Unical is equipped with the best, modern and functional ICT facilities for better service delivery to our ever increasing community of users. The centre will continue to improve its operational efficiency and effectiveness in order to enhance the visibility of the University and consequently, continuity to market the University and its global brand to the outside world.
Unical ICT started in 2011 after the official commissioning of a befitting edifice locally called ICT building. Before then, Unical Computer Centre, which had a couple of desktop computers, maintenance and networking facilities that could barely support the computer and computing needs of the entire University was responsible for computer training of both staff and students, and the computing needs of the University. With increasing demand couple with advancement in computer technology, the Unical ICT initiated many reforms including the establishment of some stand-alone fully networked computer resource rooms like the E-Library and its extension, Physics computer resource room, Computer Science Computer laboratory and so on. Presently, such computer resource rooms also exist in law, Sen. (Prof.) Ben Ayade ICT Centre, social sciences, linguistics, medical college and many other Departments and Faculties in the University. This ICT Directorate is equipped with modern networking, monitoring, testing and other communications facilities. The centre has been serving the diverse ICT needs of both the University Community and its partners.

Our Core Values

Respect and Integrity

We are deeply committed to using our computers to surf the network with absolute integrity. Our partners’ confidence and continuous patronage is anchored on the way and manner that we treat them and our environment.

Commitment and Responsibility

We are deeply committed to rendering quality services in a highly dedicated, transparent and professional manner. We take responsibility to everything that we do.

Sustainability and Capacity Building

We strive hard to sustain our cherished virtues of discipline, integrity, humility and meritocracy in interacting with clients. Our sustainability is anchored by our spirit of reliability.


We show unwaveringly commitment to sustain our enviable culture of excellence in service delivery through collaborative effort, teamwork, partnership and integrated services.


We adhere strictly to institutional loyalty, dignity and responsibility while adjusting to new technologies.

Extensive Documentation

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The Management Team

Prof. Anthony E. Akpan

Director ICT

Dr. (Mrs) Veronica Ebi Odey

Deputy Director

Barr. Etuk, Eno David


Mrs. Ilem Regina Uno

Finance Officer