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Prof. Zana Itiunbe Akpagu


Moden Languages and Translation Studies


Vice Chancellor


[email protected]

About Prof. Zana Itiunbe Akpagu

Prof Zana Itiunbe Akpagu is the current Vice Chancellor of the University of Calabar and the 10th in the series. He holds the historic record of being the 1st Alumni of UNCAL to become its Vice Chancellor. A Professor of Caribbean and African Literature in French, Akpagu had earlier served the University as a Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration). Born in Obudu Local Government Area of Cross River State, 59 years ago, Professor Akpagu began his educational career in the famous Mary Knoll College, Okuku-Ogoja (now Yala), where he obtained Division One in the West African School Certificate Examination (WASCE) in 1977. He thereafter proceeded to the University of Calabar where he bagged a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in French in 1982. He also obtained Diplome Superieur dEtudes Francases (DSEF) from the University De Grenoble, France in 1985, he obtained M.A. in French from University of Calabar in 1995 and a Ph.D degree from University of Benin (Uniben), Benin City. Prof Akpagu’s working experience began as a Graduate Assistant with the defunct University of Cross River State, now the University of Uyo. He later moved to the University of Benin as Lecturer 1, from 1994 to 1998 and thereafter took up appointment with the University of Calabar, as Senior Lecturer, where he rose to become a Professor on 1st October, 2007. As an erudite Scholar, Prof Akpagu has won a number awards, including the “Dr E. N. Amaku prize” for Best Graduating students in Languages from UNICAL, in 1982. He has attended many Local and International Conferences (USA, France, Israel, South Korea, south Africa, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, etc.) and with many publications to his credit. He is a member of several professional bodies and a recipient of over forty five (45) awards. While in UNICAL, he served as the Head of Department of Modern Languages and Translation, Dean of Student’s Affairs, Elected Member of Governing Council as well as the Dean, Faculty of Arts and Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration). The University’s 10th Vice Chancellor had also served his people in different capacities such as Commissioner of Education, Cross River State (2001-2012) under Governor Imoke. It is noteworthy that under his watch as Commissioner of Education, he midwifed the establishment of the Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH), saw to the return of Eleven Mission Secondary Schools to their owners, including his Alma Matter, Mary Knoll College, Government Secondary School, Okuku, Yala, Government Secondary School, Kagbong Secondary Commercial School, Ipong Obudu, etc. He has midwifed, in UNICAL, a wave of curricula expansion resulting in the establishment of faculties and academic programmes hitherto considered not feasible, to-wit: Engineering, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Environmental Sciences, amongst others. He has engineered in a little above three years, unprecedented infrastructural development with physical structures of the University extending almost to the banks of great Qua River. A number of inventions have been patented in the University, including three (3) in the year 2018. In recognition of his contributions to community development, Prof akpagu holds the Traditional Titles of “Ushikebe 1” of Ipong, “Utelunhu 1” of Bebuagbong, “Utah Kinde 1” of Becha, “Ushikpel Kubong 1” of Ohong, “Ntufam amid Ejagham” of the Qua Nation, “Otebeche 1” f Yala, “Otu Ochianoung Obonghe” of Boki, “Okungboo Ushu 1” of Bekwarra, “Ashinhobebei 1” of Igwo, “Utu Ushikongbu 1” of Bendie, , “Ochua Uquo-Lisane 1” of Bishiri, “Ukan-Ushu 1” of Bebuabie, “Unwa-Ushie” of Obudu” and still counting. Prof akpagu a devout Catholic Christian, a Knight of the sacred Oder of St. Mulumba and a Jerusalem Pilgrim (JP). He is happily married to Ntukae (Lady) Winnie and the union is blessed with four children: Briana Agianye, Maximillien Urimke, Zana Jnr and Sean Adah.

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