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Dr. Zacchaeus Uwadiegwu


Public Health


Senior Lecturer


[email protected]

About Dr. Zacchaeus Uwadiegwu

i am a contract staff of the University of Calabar, Calabar. a senior Lecturer in the department of Public health and my research Interests are as follows: 1. Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) 2. Food Hygiene Control 3. Occupational Health & Safety 4. Housing and Sanitation 5. School Sanitation 6. Market & Abattoir Sanitation 7. Solid Waste Management 8. Environmental, Health & Safety (HSE)

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S/N Publication
Zacchaeus, U (1999). The State of Environmental Sanitation in Bayelsa State. Which way forward? Health and Environment Voice, An Official Publication of the Professional Association of Environmental Health Officers of Nigeria (EHOAN), maiden edition, November.
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International Environmental Health ConferenceInternational Environmental Health Conference, Federal University of Technology, Owerri. Paper Presented: Zacchaeus, U, Amadi, A.N, Woke, B.E.B and Aadi, C.O (2013), Evaluation of socio economic effects of water supply and sanitation in Zarama-Epie community, Yenagoa Local Government Area, Bayelsa State, Nigeria. 2013-07-172013-07-19
Annual conference on Environmental Health SciencesAnnual conference on Environmental Health Sciences, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. Paper Presented: Zacchaeus, U, Amadi, C. O, Woke, B.E.B and Amadi, A.N (2015); Cost of domestic water in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. p. 52 2015-05-072015-05-08
Annual conference on Environmental Health SciencesAnnual conference on Environmental Health Sciences, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. Paper Presented: Asen, J.M. , Zacchaeus, U, U. Ekwere, U. M, Peter, A and Ndep, A.O (2016); Assessment of housing conditions and implications in Makurdi Town, Benue State, Nigeria. p. 69 2016-08-102016-08-12
World Congress on Public HealthWorld Congress on Public Health, Melbourn, Australia. Paper Presented: Ekwere, U. M, Zacchaeus, U, Peter, A and Ndep, A.O (2016); Assessment of sanitation facilities in public secondary schools in Calabar South Local Government Area, Cross River State, Nigeria. 2017-04-032017-04-07