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Dr. Walter Bisong Binang


Crop Science


Associate Professor


[email protected]

About Dr. Walter Bisong Binang

Dr Walter Bisong Binang obtained a Bachelor of Agriculture degree from the University of Calabar, and a Masters degree in Agronomy from the same University, before proceeding to the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture where he obtained a PhD in Crop production and Physiology in 2008. He was employed as a Graduate Assistant in the Department of Crop Science, University of Calabar in 1995, and rose through the ranks to Associate Professor in 2014,

Dr Binang is a member of several professional associations including the Agricultural Society of Nigeria, Crop Science Society of Nigeria, and Soli Science Society of Nigeria. He has attended several local and international conferences and was a member of the Local Organising Committee of the 36th Conference of Agricultural Society of Nigeria (ASN) held in Calabar in 2003. He has supervised three doctorate students and two Masters as well as several Post Graduate Diploma students. He is a journal reviewer with SCIALERT and SCIREA publishing stables. He has published thirty three journal articles locally and internationally.

Dr Binang’s current research interest is in the agronomy of neglected and underutilized native plants, as well as the development of invasive weeds with pesticidal properties as potential non-food cash crops. 

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S/N Publication
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