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Dr. Veronica Akwenabuaye Undelikwo




Lecturer I


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About Dr. Veronica Akwenabuaye Undelikwo

Dr (Mrs) Veronica Akwenabuaye Undelikwo joined the services of the University of Calabar as a Lecturer II in the Department of Sociology. She was promoted to the rank of Lecturer I in 2016. She graduated from the Department of Sociology, University of Calabar in 2000 with a B.Sc. degree in Sociology. She was awarded M.Sc. and Ph.D degrees with specialization in Demography from the same University in 2005 and 2010 respectively. Her research interests are in the areas of fertility and family planning, gender and reproductive health, drug demand reduction etc. She has been teaching, researching, mentoring and contributing to the graduation of students in the University. She has successfully supervised one post graduate student with many others at various stages of completion. She has co- authored over nineteen articles in both local and foreign journals and also contributed three book chapters. Dr Undelikwo has participated in many conferences within and outside Nigeria. She has participated in various researches sponsored by the UNDP/CRSG, the Strengthening Nigeria Response to HIV/AIDS (SNR)/CRS SACA, Meldask Resources Limited, Health Policy Research Group, College of Medicine, University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus with technical assistance from FHI 360 with funding from USAID, Research Council of Norway, Federal Ministry of Health in collaboration with the National Population Commission and UNFPA, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute of the University of Basel and the World Health Organization. Dr Undelikwo has facilitated many workshops including HIV/AIDS prevention and behaviour change campaign among motorcyclists in Obudu Local Government Area, CRS organized by Peace and Development Foundation (NGO) with assistance from the World Bank assisted CRS HIV/AIDS Project in 2005/2006, Capacity building of women living with or affected by HIV/AIDS towards HIV/AIDS prevention, stigma reduction and economic empowerment in Obudu LGA, CRS organized by Peace and Development Foundation with sponsorship from the American Jewish World Service/ Baobab for Women’s Human Rights in 2008, HIV/AIDS and Drug Prevention amongst Youths in Calabar South, Ikom and Obudu LGAs organized by Peace and Development Foundation sponsored by the Federal Government/Office of the Senior Special Adviser to the President on MDGs in 2008, Youth and HIV/AIDS prevention in Bishiri community (Obanliku LGA) and Bebuabie community (Obudu LGA), Cross River State organized by Peace and Development Foundation with assistance from the World Bank assisted CRS HIV/AIDS project in 2010. She was a member of the Cross River State Technical Working Group Strategic Behavioural Communication that developed the CRS Strategic Behavioural Communication Document 2006-2008. Dr Undelikwo is a member of the Population Association of Nigeria and the International Sociological Association. She is happily married.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
First School Leaving CertificateArmy Children School II, Akim Barracks, Calabar, Cross River State19791985
JSCGovernment Secondary School, Henshaw Town, Calabar, Cross River State19851988
SSCEdgerley Memorial Girls' Secondary School, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria19891991
B.Sc. (Hons) SociologyUniversity of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria19952000
M.Sc. DemographyUniversity of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria20022005
PhD DemographyUniversity of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria20052010

S/N Publication
Undelikwo, V. A., Eneji, R. I., & Nwagbara, E. N. (2019). Post-Ebola Epidemic and Sustenance of Healthy Behaviour, Looking Back and Moving Forward. Journal of Sociological Research, 10(1), 11-24.
Undelikwo, V. A., & Ihwo, M. I. (2019). The Impact of Disaster on the Reproductive Health of Women and Girls in Nigeria. Canadian Social Science, 15(3), 42-48.
Ikpi, N. E., & Undelikwo, V. A. (2019). Social Media Use and Students’ Health- Lifestyle Modification in University of Calabar, Nigeria. European Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 5(1), 47-54.
Undelikwo, V. A., & Enang, E. E. (2018). Cultural Practices and Infant Mortality in Cross River State, Nigeria: A Sociological Perspective. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 9(5), 211-221.
Undelikwo, V. A., & Enang, E. E. (2018). Culture and Data Collection Controversy: An Albatross to Accurate Census in Nigeria. Academic Research International, 9(3), 82-90.
Etu, F. E., & Undelikwo, V. A. (2018). Gender, Age and Ownership of Small-Scale Business in Calabar Municipality, Cross River State, Nigeria. Developing Country Studies: International Institute for Science, Technology and Education (IISTE). 8(7), 80-86.
Undelikwo, V. A., & Etu, F. E. (2018). Socio-Demographic Variable and Ownership of Small-Scale Business in Calabar Municipality, Cross River State, Nigeria. Research on Humanities and Social Sciences, 8(14), 183-192.
Undelikwo, V. A, & Ikpi, N. E. (2018). Education as a Determinant of Age at First Birth and Contraception in Calabar South Local Government Area, Cross River State, Nigeria. Multi-Disciplinary Journal of Research and Development Perspectives, 7(2), 128-134.
Enang, E. E., & Undelikwo, V. A. (2018). Population Policy Emergent Issues in Nigeria. Abia Journal of Population Studies, 3(1), 111-124.
Enang, E. E., & Undelikwo, V. A. (2016). Demographic Change and Youth Employment in Nigeria. International Journal of Continuing Education and Development Studies, 3(1), 24-32.
Ikpi, N. E., & Undelikwo, V. A. (2016). Illicit Drug Trafficking and Abuse in Nigeria: Implications on National Development. Multi-Disciplinary Journal of Research and Development Perspectives. 5(2), 193-207.
Eteng, I. E., Ojua, T. A., Etobe, U. E. I., Undelikwo, V. A., Okorie, C., Ikpi, N. E. & Bassey G. E. (2016). Politicization of Health Care Delivery in Nigeria as a Stumbling block to Universal Health Coverage. Research journal’s Journal Sociology. 5(7), 1-9.
Ushie, M. A., Otu, J. E. & Undelikwo, V. A. (2014). A Comparative Analysis of Fertility Differentials in Cross River State. Developing Country Studies: International Institute for Science, Technology and Education, 4 (6), 36-40.
Undelikwo, V. A., Osonwa, O. K., Anake M., & Osonwa, R. H. (2013). Family Planning Behaviours and Decision-Making among Couples in Cross River State, Nigeria. International Journal of Learning and Development, 3(1), 100-120.
Ukwayi, J. K., Udida, L. A., Uwanede, C. & Undelikwo, V. A. (2013). Alcohol Abuse as a Cause of Poor Academic Performance among Social Science Students of the University of Calabar, Nigeria. Mediterranean Journal of Social Science, 4(1), 413-421.
Ukwayi, J. K., Udida, L. A., & Undelikwo, V. A. (2013). Assessment of Oil companies Compensation on Catchment Communities in Eket Local Government Area, Nigeria. Public Policy and Administration Research, 3(3), 34-41.
Uyang, F. A., Nwagbara, E. N., Undelikwo, V. A., & Eneji, R. I. (2013). Communal Land Conflict and Food Security in Obudu Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria. Advances in anthropology, 3(4), 193-197.
Ojong, F. E., Eja I. E., Undelikwo, V. A., & Agbor, E. A. (2013). Indigenous Peoples’ Perception of Ecotourism in Cross River State, Nigeria. Academic Research International, 4(1), 275-281.
Udoh, A. U. E.; Ebong, J. M. & Undelikwo, V. A. (2012). Postpartum Fattening Rites (Nkuho-Uman) Cultural Practice on Health of Ibibio Women of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. African Journal of Educational Research and Development 5(1), 162-193.

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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
1. International Conference on Population and Census-taking, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and Policy Challenges. Held at the Centre for Population Studies, Abia State University, Uturu. The conference examined the issues of census-taking and its relation to internally displaced persons and the policy challenges. Paper Presented: Population Policy and Emergent Issues in Nigeria.2016-10-182016-10-22
2. 17th Annual Africa Conference on Rupturing Colonial Legacies: Colonialisms and Decolonizations in Africa and the African Diaspora. Held at the University of Texas in Austin, United States of America.The conference emphasized the urgent need for Africa and the African Diaspora to consciously work towards rupturing the colonial legacies that have made it impossible for Africa to find its voice and assert its place in the matrix of global political economy.Papers Presented: (1). Reproductive Health Issues in Disaster Management: A Reflection on the Impact of Disaster on Women and Girls’ Health in Nigeria. (2). Rural Level Impact of China Free- Aid Water Project in Nigeria2017-03-312017-04-02
3. World Environment Day Conference. Organized by Geography and Environmental Science Department, University of Calabar, Calabar. The conference focused on connecting people to nature. Paper Presented: Youth education for Sustainable Development in Nigeria. 2017-06-012017-06-01
2019 Population Association of Nigeria International Conference on Population, national security and development held in the faculty of law moot court, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. The conference examined the link between population,Restructuring family relations and gender roles as a precursor to gender equality in Nigeria.2019-06-102019-06-12