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Dr. Chris Unimdebeshi Ukaidi


Business Management


Senior Lecturer


[email protected]

About Dr. Chris Unimdebeshi Ukaidi

Dr. Chris Unimdebeshi Ukaidi is an erudite scholar known for commitment and creativity. He is an academic and Professional Management Consultant. He started his academic journey as Lecturer at the Department of Business Management, University of Uyo, Nigeria between 2008 and 2010. He joined the services of the University of Calabar in 2010 as a Graduate Assistant in the Department of Business Management. He rose through the ranks to the rank of Senior Lecturer, in 2016. He holds a Ph.D degree in Business Policy and Strategy from the University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt, Nigeria (2013). He received his Masters degree in Business Administration MBA (2003), M. Sc. degree in Public Administration (2002), Post Graduate Diploma in Management (1999) and Bachelor degree from the same University. He has been teaching, mentoring and researching in core areas of management. Dr. Ukaidi has served the University in other capacities including acting Head of Department of Business Management (2017 till date). Through the years, Dr Ukaidi has acquired extensive teaching experiences. He has successfully supervised and co-supervised many graduate students. Dr Ukaidi has published his research findings in several International and local Journals. He has also been attending conferences where he made presentations. He is a Fellow Charted Institute of Administration and fellow, Institute of personnel management Development and member, European Center for Training and Research Development United Kingdom. He is happily married with children.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
FSLCPrimary school Bendi 1119741980
WACEBendi Technical College19811985
B.Ed in EducationUniversity of Calabar19881993
GDM in ManagementUniversity of Calabar19981998
Masters in Public Admistration (MPA)University of Calabar19992000
Masters in Business AdministrationUniversity of Calabar20012013
Ph.d in Business Policy and strategyUniversity of Science and Technology, Portharcout20082013

S/N Publication
Ukaidi, C.U.A. (2016). Organizational Leadership in Nigeria: The Irrational Model and Self-concept Based Theory. American International Journal of Research in Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, 14 (2), 183-189.
Ukaidi, C.U.A. (2016). Mortality resistance of entrepreneurial ventures in Nigeria: The road to sustainability and longevity. Pyrex Journal of Business Management Research. 2 (6), 42-49.
Ukaidi, C.U.A. & Labo, B.I. (2016). Managerial strategies and staff productivity in selected manufacturing enterprises in Nigeria. International Journal of Innovative Research and Advance Studies.3 (8), 69-76.
Ukaidi, C.U.A. (2016). Turnaround strategy and corporate performance: A study of Quoted manufacturing companies in Nigeria. IISTE European Journal of Business and Management. 8 (19), 81-94.
Ukaidi, C.U.A. (2016). Influence of leadership styles on organizational performance in Nigeria. European American Journal, 4(4) 24-34.
Ukaidi, C.U.A. (2011). Dynamics of business policy and strategic management: The Praxis and Nexus. The Nigerian Journal of Management Research 5(1) 32-40.
Ukaidi, C. U. A. (2011). Diagnosing business failure trajectories: A first step in management turnaround. Centre for Entrepreneurial Development Publication, 1(1), 17-29.
Ukaidi, C.U.A. (2009). Dyadic interfaces and dialectics of management: A tripartite dimensional trend. Benue State University Journal of Business Management 3(1&2), 1-15.
Ukaidi, C.U.A. (2009). Ailing business organization infected with prebendalism and clientele gladiators. The Nigerian Journal of Management Research 4(1), 124-129.
Ukaidi, C.U.A. (2007). Psychodynamics of systematic reengineering. A contemporary approach. University of Uyo. Journal of Management Sciences 5(1), 101-112.

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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
The academy of Business and Public policy Rockford Illinois, USA.Enterpreneurship and management development: A first step in Management turnaround 2010-08-222010-08-25