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Dr. Sandy Ojang Onor


History and International Studies


Associate professor


[email protected]

About Dr. Sandy Ojang Onor

Sandy Ojang Onor graduated top of his class with BA degree in History in 1987 from the University of Calabar where he also obtained Ph.D in African History in 1993. At various times, he had served as the Executive Chairman of Etung Local Government Council (1999-2002), Chairman, Cross River State Local Government Service Commission, Commissioner for Agriculture (2010-2011) and Commissioner for Environment (2011-2013) among other public offices. Dr. Onor is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of History & International Studies in the University of Calabar, Nigeria. He has authored several books, including The Ejagham Nation in the Cross River Region of Nigeria (1994 & 2015) and Local Governance in Nigeria (2005) as well as several scholarly articles which have expanded the frontiers of knowledge. He has been highly recognized and decorated for his scholarship and other achievements.

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S/N Publication
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Onor,Sandy Ojang.“Pan-Africanism and Nationalism in Africa:A Paradoxical Marriage,1945-1965.” Lafia Journal of Arts,1.0,(2018):84-95.

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