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Dr. Peter Akpa Oti




Associate Professor


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About Dr. Peter Akpa Oti

Dr. Peter Akpa Oti, an Associate Professor of Accounting is a Chartered Accountant, a member of the Chartered Institute Taxation of Nigeria and a member of Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria. He teaches Management Accounting, Taxation and Fiscal Policy in the University of Calabar. He is a holder of MBA (Masters degree in Business Administration). In addition to his teaching experience, he has wide community service exposure evidenced by 9 years working experience with the Cross River State as Special Adviser, Budget, Monitoring and Evaluation and later as Executive Chairman, Internal Revenue Service. Dr. Peter Akpa Oti is an outstanding scholar; he sets his goal and deploys both mental and physical energy to accomplish his mandate.This was demonstrated while he was Executive Chairman of Internal Revenue Service where he stunned the state within a period of 14 months by raising the monthly revenue from N650m to N1.6bn. He has the energy and drive to face challenges. As an academic, he has publications in local and international journals. He has published 21 (twenty-one) articles in International journals and 6 (six) in local journals. He has attended many local and international conferences. He has presented papers on Cross River State 2012 Budget Performance Review, Budget Monitoring and Evaluation (Tracking Budget Statements), Relevance of Fiscal Responsibility Law in Cross River State, Budgeting Process at the State and Local Government Levels: Perspectives on Civil Society and Community Inclusion, and Budgeting Process at the Sub-national Level. He takes interest in topical issues and has made intellectual contributions to contemporary issues such as Treasury Single Account and implementation of International Public Sector Accounting Standards in Nigeria. Dr. Peter AkpaOti has 12 (twelve) technical reports to his credit, some of which are: Cross River State Budget Analysis, 2007- 2013, Cross River State Budget Performance Report, 2007 – 2013. He has supervised 7(seven) post graduate research with 1(one) being a Ph.D whose thesis is on Public Accounts Committee and Accountability of Funds in Nigeria: Evidence from South-South States by Dr. Uklala, Ashishi Peter.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
First School Leaving CertificateSt Gregory Primary School, Agborkim Waterfalls, Etung Local Government Area, Cross River State, Nigeria 19671972
WASCGovernment Secondary School, Ikom Local Government Area, Cross River State, Nigeria19731977
O'Level CertificateFederal School of Arts and Science, Ogoja, Cross River State, Nigeria19771978
B.Sc. AccountingUniversity of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria19861990
M.BAUniversity of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria19911995
M.Sc. AccountingUniversity of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria19992002
PhD AccountingUniversity of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria20022006

S/N Publication
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