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Dr. Stella Eme Osim


Religious and Cultural Studies


Senior Lecturer


[email protected]

About Dr. Stella Eme Osim

Stella Eme Osim, B.Ed, MPA, MA, Ph.D (University of Calabar) is a senior Lecturer in the Department of Religious and Cultural Studies. She was appointed an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Religious and Cultural Studies from 2007 and rose through the ranks and became Senior lecturer in October 2016. Dr. Stella E. Osim had her primary school education at St. Francis Primary School Alifokpa in Yala Local Government in 1975 from where she proceeded to Annuciation Girl’s Juniorate, Moiaya, Ogoja Local Government Area in 1980. In 1991, she had her B.Ed at University of Calabar, MPA, MA and Ph.D 1995, 2005 and 2013 respectively. Dr. Stella Eme Osim is a member of different research bodies and specializes in Sociology of Religion (Women Studies, Islam). She has a number of publications to her credit. She had served as Examination Officer for the Department of Religious and Cultural Studies from 2011 till date and Secretary, Departmental Graduate Board. She served as a representative of the faculty of Arts in the Faculty of Law 2016-2017. Dr. (Mrs) Stella Eme Osim is happily married to Prof. Eme Efiom Osim and are blessed with four delightful children and grandchildren.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
FSLCSt. Francis Primary School- Alifokpa- Ogoja19701974
WAECAnnunciation Girls Juniorate19751980
NCE Religion/Social StudiesUniversity of Cross River State- Uyo19831986
M.A Sociology Sociology of Religion (Sharia and Women)University of Calabar, Calabar20022005
PhD Sociology of ReligionUniversity of Calabar, Calabar20062013

S/N Publication
Stella Eme Osim, “Hinduism and Ecology: Its Relevance and Importance”. FAHSANU JOURNAL. Journal of the Arts/Humanities 1.1 2018:53-63.
Stella Eme Osim “Religion and Gender: Challenges to Development in Africa”. Sophia an African Journal of Philosophy and Public Affairs 16.2, 17.1 2016:209-214
Stella Eme Osim, “Religion’s Relation’s Relationship with Social Boundaries Surrounding Genders”. Sophia an African Journal of Philosophy and Public Affairs 14.2 2014:114-122.
Stella Eme Osim, “Socio-Economic Political Satire In Three Plays by Tess Onweme”. Sophia an African Journal of Philosophy and Public Affairs. 11.1 2012:133-138.
Stella Eme Osim, “Religion Poverty and National Stability”. Obudu Journal of Arts and Social Sciences. 2.1 2012:119-126.
Stella Eme Osim, “Islam and human rights”. African Journal of Religion, Culture and Society 2.2 2010:114-118
Stella Eme Osim, “The African Traditional Society and the Women in selected literary works of African male-authors”. International Journal of Sustainable Development. 2.6 2009:110-116.
Stella Eme Osim, “Symbolism: African way of Philosophizing”. African Pentecost. Journal of Theology and Psychology and Social Work. 1.2 2008:13-20

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