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Dr. Ojonimi Ferdinand Edino


Public Administration


Lecturer I


[email protected]

About Dr. Ojonimi Ferdinand Edino

Dr. Edino, Ojonimi Ferdinand was employed in the University of Calabar on January 28, 2014 as an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Public Administration, Faculty of Social Sciences, Universsity of Calabar, Calabar. He had his B.Sc. in Public Administration from Kogi State University, Anyigba (2003), M. Sc. Public Administration and Local Government, University of Nigeria, Nsukka (Personnel Management) (2008, PGDE, National Teachers’ Institute, Kaduna (2012) and PhD Public Administration, Kogi State University, Anyigba (2014) Dr. Edino, Ojonimi F is a seasoned Lecturer teaching both Faculty and Departmental courses at the Undergraduate and Post graduate levels. He has also supervised both undergraduate projects and Post graduate thesis. He is a member of learned academic professional body: Nigeria Political Science Association. He has attended and presented papers at different local and international conferences. He has many publications in learned journals both local and international journals to his credit. His area of research include; Human Resource Management, Human Capital Development, Local Government and Policy studies.

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S/N Publication
Paul, S.O., & Edino, O.F. (2015) “Igala Ethnic Nationality and Leadership Challenge.” Donnish Journal of African Studies and Development, (4), 21- 29.
Edino, O.F. & Paul, S.O (2015) “Federal Character Principle in Personnel Recruitment/Selection: An Appraisal of the Nigerian National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA).” Human Resource Management Journal,7 (1), 61-81.
Edino, O.F. & Agba, M.S. (2015) “Nigerian Public Sector Communication: A Discourse.” International Journal of Public Administration and Management Research, 3 (1), 57-66.
Edino, F.O., Paul, S.O & Haruna, A. (2014) “Human Resource Sourcing in Idah Local Government Council, Kogi State, Nigeria 2007-2011:The Issues.” Public Policy and Administration Research, 4 (4),43-57.
Abdul, H., & Edino, O.F. (2014) “Acquired Personality from Changing Work Environment and Obstacles to Learning Transfer.” Journal of Good Governance and Sustainable Development in Africa, 2 (2), 171-180.
Abdul, H. & Edino, O. F. (2014) “Individual Versus Organizational Capacity Building.” International Journal of Capacity Building in Education and Management, 2 (2), 49 – 61.
Abdul, H., & Edino O.F. (2014) “Performance Improvement Through Non-systematic Training Premises.” International Journal of Public Administration and Management Research,2 (2), 209-218.
Akwara, A.F., Agba, M. S. & Edino, O. F. (2013) “Ethnic Conflicts, Democratic Governance and Administration in Nigeria: The Relevance of Hislope’s Generosity Moments Theory as a Solution.” Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 4 (11) 356-369.

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3rd International Conference on Human and Social Sciences, ICHSS 2013. September 20 – 22, Gregorian Pontifical University, Rome- Italy 2013-09-202013-09-22