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Dr. Raphael Ayama Offiong


Geography and Environmental Science


Associate Professor


[email protected]

About Dr. Raphael Ayama Offiong

Dr Raphael Offiong is Lecturer and environmental consultant. Dr Raphael Offiong has published well over 40 articles in reputable academic journals locally and internationally. He has carried out more than 80 environmental impact assessment (EIA, ESHIA, SESA, EA etc) studies across Nigeria. He is a biogeographer, biodiversity conservation expert, ecosystem restoration, community leader, academic counselor etc. Currently, he is the Chairman, Nigerian Environmental Society, Cross River State chapter, member Association of Nigeria Geographers, European Centre for Research Training and Development UK, International Society for Sustainable Development & Sustainability China. Further, he has attended several local and international conferences. On the other hand, He is a coordinating adjudicator in the Carnival Calabar. His core values are to: Deliver his responsibilities with high quality and on scheduled time period and also believes in team spirit and support when and where required.

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S/N Publication
Afangideh, I. A., Ekpe, I. A. & Offiong, R. A. (2017). Spectral analysis of rainfall anomalies in Calabar, Southern Nigeria for the period 1912-2011 (100years). Journal of Multi-Disciplinary Perspective, 6(1); 1-8.
Offiong, R. A., Awara, A. I., & Ojo, G. U. (2017). Fallow genealogy and its relations to soil nutrient in part of the Cross River Rainforest, South-Southen Nigeria, 1(1); 26-37.
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Offiong, R. A., Umoh, N. E. Iwara, A. I. & Ekpe, I. A. (2015). Effect of secondary succession on the changes in soil physicochemical properties in the Cross River Rainforest, Nigeria. Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and Management Sciences, 6(3); 209-213.
Offiong, V. E., Offiong, R. A. & Ekpe, I. A. (2014). Socio-Economic Characteristics of Property Owners and Level of Compliance with Building Regulations in Calabar, South-Southern Nigeria. International Journal of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education, 1(1); 26-32.
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Bisong, F. E., Andrew-Essien, E. E., Ambo, M. E., Offiong, R. & Okon, I. E. (2007). Cross River Estuary: Changing trends and resource utilization patterns. Global Journal of Environmental Sciences, 6(2); 79-87.

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