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Dr. Kokei Ikpi Ofem


Soil Science


Lecturer II


[email protected]

About Dr. Kokei Ikpi Ofem

Dr Ofem Kokei Ikpi is a Lecturer and Researcher of Soil Science in the University of Calabar with a focus on Soil Genesis and Survey, Classification and Land Use Planning. His research interest is on crop-soil interaction as well as the impact of Soil Development in the Tropics on crops and the environment. Recently, Ofem’s research focus has been on the use of ICP (MS, OES), XRF and XRD to study the concentration of heavy metals via aqua regia extraction, total elemental oxides and clay mineralogy, respectively in tropical soils. Dr Ofem is a TetFund Research Scholar and a visiting Researcher, Institute of Soil and AgriFood, Cranfield University, United Kingdom. He is registered as a Soil Scientist with the Nigerian Institute of Soil Science and a member of Soil Science Society of Nigeria. Dr Ofem has presented several research papers in Conferences with publications in Peer Reviewed Local and foreign Journals.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
First School Leaving CertificateArmy Children School N0.119891995
West African School Certificate ExaminationWest African People's Institute (WAPI)19952001
B.Agric (Soil Science)University of Calabar20042009
M.Sc (Pedology)University of Calabar20112014
Ph.D (Soil Genesis, Classification and Land Use Planning)University Of Nigeria, Nsukka20182021

S/N Publication
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