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Ms. Oburota Chukwuedo Susan




Lecturer II


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About Ms. Oburota Chukwuedo Susan

Ms.Chukwuedo Susan Oburota is a lecturer in the Department of Economics University of Calabar, Nigeria. She was employed in 2008 as a Graduate Assistant, upgraded to the rank of an Assistant Lecturer in 2012, and is currently a lecturer II. She holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc.) degree in Economics from the University of Calabar, Nigeria in 2006, and a Master of Science degree (MSc.) from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria in 2012. She is currently working on her PhD dissertation titled: Progressivity, Horizontal Inequity and Re-ranking in health Care Financing in Nigeria which focuses on inequities in the health care financing system and their effect on the distribution of income in Nigeria. She has been granted the University of Calabar study fellowship award twice in 2010 and 2015 in the pursuit of her graduate studies. She teaches intermediate Macroeconomics, Health Economics, Macro Economics, Labour Economics, Health Economics and Economics of Development. She has participated in Several conferences organised both internationally and locally where She presented papers. Her paper on health care Financing and Income Inequality in Nigeria was accepted for presentation at the 2019 International health Economics World Congress held in Basel, Switzerland. She also jointly organised the 9th Annual Ibadan Sustainable Development Conference. She has six journal publications and a book on mathematical Economics which she co-authored. Her research interest are Economics of Health, Labour Economics and Development Economics with specific focus on income inequality and poverty. She is passionate about working on micro economic and micro econometric issues. Her current research interest includes, equity analysis for the household using the social opportunity function and gender participation in the labour market. She is a member of the Nigerian Economic Society (NES) and The International Health Economics Association (iHEA). She is a research fellow at the Health Policy Training and Research Programme (HPTRP) of the University of Ibadan, Ibadan Nigeria.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
FSLCUniversity of Benin Staff School.19871993
SSCEFederal Government Girls Collage Benin,Benin City Edo State19941999
B.Sc EconomicsUniversity of Calabar,Calabar20012005
M.Sc EconomicsUniversity of Ibadan,Ibadan Oyo State20102012

S/N Publication
Eke, F. A., & Oburota, C. S. (2019). Determinants of Relative Technical Efficiency of Hospitals in Nigeria: A Two-Stage Approach. International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management, 7(6), 222-224.
Oburota, C. S., & Okoi, E. I. (2017). Manufacturing Sub-sector and Economic Growth in Nigeria. British Journal of Economic Management and Trade,17(3), 1-9.
Obafemi, F. N., Oburota, C. S., & Amoke C.V., (2016). Financial Deepening and Domestic Investment in Nigeria. International journal of economics and Finance, 8(3), 40-54.
Mba, P. N., Yuni, D. N., & Oburota, C. S. (2014). Multidimensional poverty measurement and targeting in Nigeria: evidence from demographic and health surveys. European Journal of Economics Finance and Administrative Sciences, 63, 133-140.
Olaniyan, O., Oburota, C.S., & Obafemi, F.N., (2013). Equity in Health Care Expenditure. International Journal of Finance & Banking Studies, 2(3), 76-88.
Mba, P. N., Yuni, D. H., & Oburota, C. S. (2013). Analysis of Domestic Debt: Implication of Economic Growth in Nigeria. Global Journal of Social Sciences, 12(1), 1-9.

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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
The International Health Economics Association (iHEA) congress. Organized by the International Health Economics Association (iHEA), 13-17 July 2019 at Basel Switzerland.“Health Care Financing and Income Inequality: Empirical Evidence from Nigeria”2019-07-132019-07-17
10th Annual Ibadan Sustainable Development Summit (ISDS) organized by the Center for Sustainable Development (CESDEV) University of Ibadan, Ibadan, 19 -21 August 2019. “Is inclusive growth Inclusive in Nigeria?” 2019-08-192019-08-21