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Dr. Achi Ndifon Bekomson


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About Dr. Achi Ndifon Bekomson

Dr Achi Ndifon Bekomson formally known and addressed as Miss Achi Ndifon Oba is a Lecturer ll in the Department of Educational Psychology, University of Calabar, Nigeria. She holds NCE Certificate in Geography/Social Studies from the Cross River College of Education, Akamkpa, a B.Ed. degree in Special Education and Geography (1998), M.Ed. degree in Educational Psychology and a Ph.D in Educational Psychology, all from University of Calabar, Nigeria. She joined the services of the University of Calabar in 2012 as Assistant Lecturer and was promoted to the rank of Lecturer II in 2015. She has published scholarly articles in reputable local and international journals. Dr Bekomson is a member of many professional associations including Nigeria Society of Educational Psychologist, Association of Childhood Educators of Nigeria amongst others. She is married with four lovely children. Her hobbies are reading, writing, research, travelling, meeting people and making new friends.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
NCECross River College of Education Akamkpa19931995
B.EdUniversity of Calabar, Calabar19971998
M.EdUniversity of Calabar, Calabar20042008
Ph.DUniversity of Calabar, Calabar20122018

S/N Publication
Achi, N. O. (2018) Tertiary Institutions undergraduates opinion on psychology lectures’ promotion of interpersonal relationship and relating previous knowledge to new experiences for quality learning in Cross River State. African journal of Educational Archives
Melvina N. A., & Achi N.O. (2018). Prevalence of mathematics phobia among junior secondary school Students in Enugu State. Journal of Faculty of Education 14(2), 225-233.
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Uchenna, E. A., & Achi N. O. (2017).Risk factors for moral decay among Nigerian youths: The role of the psychologist in curbing the menace. International Journal of Educational Administration, Planning and Research (IJEAPR) 9(2), 134-145.
Oba, A. N., & Melvina N. A,. (2017).School violence and academic achievement of SSS II students in Calabar Metropolis. The Nigerian Educational Psychologists 15, (1) 223-229).
Oba, A. N., & Oyoita, M. (2017) Evaluating the opinion of undergraduate students on lecturers’ applicability of psychological principles. Implication for quality learning. Cross River State, Nigeria. Education for Today.14(1) 38-47.
Achi N. O. (2017) Understanding and preventing child abuse. Education for careers in the 21st century. A festschrift in Honour of Professor Daniel’s Denga, University of Calabar Press, Calabar 215-224.
Achi N. O. (2017) Poverty: Psychological coping strategies for sustainable Education in Nigeria. Education for careers in 21st Century A festschrift in honour of Professor Daniel I. Denga 246-256.
Melvina N. A., & Achi N. O. (2016). Age and mathematics anxiety of secondary school students in Enugu State. Review of Education and Human Development 2 (2), 9-17
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Oba, A. N., Ajake, U, E., & Obindah, F, (2013). Leadership role and deviant behaviour among female secondary students, American International Journal of Contemporary Research (AIJCR). Center for Promoting Ideals, USA, 3(8), 136-139.

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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
2nd Annual Conference of the Institute of Education.Education for Global Competitiveness2014-04-222014-04-26
Faculty of Education Annual Conference held in University of Calabar, CalabarThe Prevalence of indiscipline behaviour among primary school pupils in Calabar Education Zone of Cross River State , Nigeria: Psychological Implications for Development.2014-09-022014-09-05
5th Annual National Conference of NISEP held at the FCT College of Education Premises, Zuba, Abuja. School violence and academic achievement of SSS II students in Calabar Metropolis.2015-10-262015-10-30
Faculty of Education conference on sustainable developmental goals. The educationist perspective 2016-09-092016-09-09
16th Annual Conference of Educational Psychologist (NICEP) held at Imo State University Owerri Prevalence of mathematics phobia among junior secondary school students ion Enugu State.2016-10-232016-10-27
4th Annual Conference of the Association for Childhood Educators Nigeria (ACEN). Theme: Repositioning childhood Education in Nigeria through children’s literature .Audiovisual aids for quality teaching of English Language in primary schools in Cross River State2017-09-132017-09-13
8th Annual National Conference of the Nigerian society for Psychosocial Research. Theme: Nigerian Leadership and Psychosocial issues, held in the University of Calabar, Nigeria.Moral decay among Nigerian youths. Implication for quality leadership.2017-10-102017-10-10
7th Annual Conference of the Faculty of Education .Evaluating the opinion of undergraduate students on lecturers’ applicability of psychological principles. Implication for quality learning in Cross River State2017-10-222017-10-25