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Dr. Victor Etim Ndum


Public Administration


Research Fellow


[email protected]

About Dr. Victor Etim Ndum

Ndum, Victor Etim is a Research Fellow in the Institute of Public Policy and Administration, University of Calabar and has held several positions since 16th August, 2010 that he became part of the workforce of the university of Calabar. He holds a Bachelor of Science ( B.Sc.) in Policy Studies and Administration; Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.) Monroe; Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE); Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Policy and Administrative Studies and a Doctorate (Ph.D) degree in Educational Administration and Planning. He is an Associate member, Chartered Institute of Local Government and Public Administration of Nigeria; Member, Academy of Business and Retail Management (ABRM) United Kingdom; Member, Nigerian Association of Educational Administration and Planning, (NAEAP); Member, Research and Development Network, (RDN); Member, Nigerian Association for Encouraging Qualitative Education in Nigeria (ASSONT); Member, National Association for Research and Development (NARD); Member, Curriculum Association of Nigeria (CON) and  Member, African Society for Scientific Research. He has taught and evaluated students in the university of Calabar and National Teachers Institute. Dr. Ndum is a well-travelled, internationally acclaimed, respected and often quoted scholar, public speaker and author of several publications in peer reviewed journals. He has attended and presented papers in several academic conferences.  His current research is on e-governance and its implementation challenges in the Nigerian public service. He is also the Resident Pastor of Jesus Cares World Outreach and a World Crusader.His email is [email protected]

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S/N Publication
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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
4. 2nd International Conference on Research, Innovations and Sustainable Development, Porto Novo, Republic of BeninExploring Research findings and Innovations on Sustainable Development2012-03-062012-03-09
3. International conference on Business and Economic Development (ICBED),. New York- USA.The conference geared towards efforts to strengthen businesses as well as explore new trends that could engender global economic growth and development.2014-03-242014-03-25
2. 15th International Conference on Development, Urban Space, and Human Rights in Africa. The University of Texas, Austin- USAThe aim of this conference was to bring together researchers to brainstorm on the Developmental issues bothering on Urban Space, and Human Rights in Africa2015-04-032015-04-05
1. 10th International Technology, Education and Development Conference, Valencia-Spain.The conference sought for a synergy on current and emerging innovations and developments in technology and the educational process, the world over2016-03-072016-03-09