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Prof. Michael Edet Ibanga


Jurisprudence and International Law




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About Prof. Michael Edet Ibanga

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S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
LL. BUniversity of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria19811985
B.LNigeria Law School, Lagos State19861986
LL.MUniversity of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria19891991
Certificate in International humanitarian LawRené Cassen, France19961996
Certificate in International Human RightRené Cassen, France19961996
PhD International Humanitarian lawUniversity of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria20042009
Certificate in Criminal Justices and AdministrationNigeria Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Lagos, Nigeria20082008
Certificate in International Humanitarian LawUniversity of Pretoria, South Africa20122011

S/N Publication
Michael Ibanga “Human Rights” U. E. Uya and Samuel Akpan (eds.) The First Two Years of Obasanjo Administration
Michael Ibanga “The Nature of the International System and International Humanitarian Law” The Calabar Law Journal (1999) pp.18-34.
Michael Ibanga “Bases and Implications of Resource Control by States” in Okon E. Uya and J. Okoro (eds.) Grassroot Democracy and Politics in Nigeria.
Mike Ibanga, “Inevitability and Justifiability of War: Fundamental Problems for Present International Humanitarian Law” Cochin University Law Review Vol.XVIII No.1 (1994) pp.77-88.
Michael Ibanga Learning Legal Theory and Legal Method ISB N 978-32938-1-2 (Calabar: Associated Publishers Ltd, 1996) pp.249. https:/!AACAAJ.
Jacob Abiodun Dada and Mike E. Ibanga “Human Rights Protection in Nigeria: From Rhetoric to Pragmatic Agenda” African Journal of Law and Criminology (2011) pp.70-81.
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Michael Ibanga “The concept of Armed Conflict in Public International Law: Some Reflections” Sri Lanka Journal of International Law Vol.14 (2002) pp.107-116.
Michael Ibanga “Popular Education and the Sustenance of Democracy in Nigeria” in Okon Edet Uya, Daniel Denga, John Emeh and James Okoro (eds) Education for Sustainable Democracy: The Nigerian Experience. pp.529-543.
Michael Ibanga “Democracy as a Foundation for Human Rights Protection” Calabar Journal of the Humanities (2000) pp.185-196.
Michael Ibanga and James Archibong “Boko Haram insurgency: Implications under Domestic and International Law” in John Mark Iyi and Hennie Strydom (eds) Boko aram and International Law (Springer International Publishing, 2018)
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Michael Ibanga “Protection of Minority Rights in Nigeria” in G. O. Ozumba et al (eds.) Citizenship Education
Michael Ibanga “The Liberian Armed Conflict Revisited: Responsibilities of Belligerents under International Humanitarian Law”. The Calabar Law Journal (2001) pp.22-43.
Michael Ibanga “Antecedents, Facilitating Factors and Socio-Legal Consequences of the Lutheran Reformation in Europe and Beyond” Baze University Abuja Law Journal (2017) pp.1-18
Michael Ibanga “Evolution of International Humanitarian Law: Past Development and Current Trends” Sri Lanka Journal of International Law Vol.II (1999) pp.131-148.
Michael Ibanga “Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Strengthening Democracy in Nigeria” Okon E. Uya (ed.) Civil Society and the Consolidation of Democracy in Nigeria.
K. A. Apori and M. Ibanga “Regulatory Agencies in the Telecommunication Sector and the Protection of the Nigerian Consumer” The Calabar Law Journal (2004-2006) pp.161-180.
Michael Ibanga “Human Rights Policy in Nigeria: The Need for Improvement”. International Journal of Social Science and Public Policy Vol.3 No.1 (2000) pp.196-204.
Michael Ibanga “Human Rights and the 1995 Draft Constitution” in Okon Uya and Victor c. Uchendu (eds.) Issues in the 1995 Nigerian Draft Constitution
Michael Ibanga “The African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights in Nigerian Law: Reflections on the Abacha Case” Jacob Dada (ed.) Jewel on the Bench: Essays in Honour of Hon. Justice Dorothy Nse Eyamba-Idem.
Michael Ibanga International Humanitarian Law ISBN 978-008-097-4 (Calabar: University of Calabar Press, 2003) pp.137.
Michael Ibanga “International Law and the Nigerian Economy” in Godfrey Ozumba (ed.) Nigerian Government and Politics.
Michael Ibanga “Legal Research Method” in Jacob Abiodun Dada and Mike P. Okon (eds.) Excellence in Legal Studies in Nigeria (Calabar: University of Calabar Press, 2016) pp.92-127.

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