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Dr. Michael Sunday Agba


Public Administration


Senior Lecturer


[email protected]

About Dr. Michael Sunday Agba

Dr. Michael Sunday Agba is a Senior Lecturer with the Department of Public Administration, Faculty of Management Sciences, University of Calabar. He holds a B.SC (Hons), MSc, PhD Degrees in Public Administration with specialization in Human Resource Management, Development and Local Government Studies, and Performance Management. He also holds a Certificate in Project Management in Global Health from the University of Washington. Dr. Michael Agba is a distinguished scholar who has over fifty articles published in peer-reviewed journals of national and international status. He has served the University of Calabar as Ag. Head, Department of Public Administration from 2018-2020 and led the Department successfully through National University Commission accreditation at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Dr. Agba is a professional member of the Nigerian Association for Public Administration and Management (NAPAM) and has successfully supervised and graduated doctoral and masters students. He teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses and has served as external PhD Assessor (Public Administration), Covenant University, Ogun State

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
Senior School Certificate ExaminationCommunity Secondary School, Ugep Cross River State19921992
Bachelor of Science B.Sc (Hons) Public AdministrationUniversity of Calabar19952000
Cert Cert. in Data Proficiency in Data Processing ( University of Calabar Computer School19991999
Master of Science M.Sc. Public AdministrationUniversity of Nigeria, Nsukka20062007
Ph.D in Public Administration Kogi State University20092013
Certificate in Project Management in Global HealthUniversity of Washington20202020

S/N Publication
Agba, M. S. & Ocheni, S. I. An Empirical Study of the Effects of Work Environment (Electric Power Supply) on Job Performance of Academic Staff in Nigerian Public and Private Universities, Higher Education of Social Science, 12 (2), 11-20
Agba, M.S. Electric Power Supply and Work Performance of Academic Staff in Nigerian Universities: A Synergy Analysis. Indian Journal of Commerce and Management Studies, 4(1), 33-44.
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Agba, M.S.; Akwara, A.F.& Idu, A.Y. Local Government and Social Service Delivery in Nigeria: A Content Analysis”. Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 2(2), 455-462
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Paul, S.O.; Agba, M.S. & Chukwurah, D.C.Trajectory and Dynamics of Collective Bargaining and Trade Unions in Nigerian Public Sector. Journal of Arts, Science and Commerce,4(4), 49-57
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Ushie, E. M., Agba, A. M. O., Agba, M. S. & Best, E. Supplementary livelihood strategies among workers in Nigeria: Implications for organizational growth and effectiveness. International Journal of Business and Management, 5 (3),146-154
Agba,M.S. Perceived Impact of the National Health Insurance Scheme(NHIS) Among Registered Staff in Federal Polytechnic Idah, Kogi State-Nigeria. Studies in Sociology of Science, 1(1) ,44-49
Agba,A.M.O; Ushie,E.M.; Agba,M.S.;& Festus N. Privatization, Job Security and Performance Efficiency of Privatized Enterprises in Nigeria: A Critical Reassessment. Journal of Arts Science and Commerce: International Refereed Research Journal, 1(1), 95-102
Adora,C.U.; Agba, M. S.; Olajide,Y. Rethinking Financial Management Imperatives in Nigerian University Theatres. Journal of Arts Science and Commerce: International Refereed Research Journal,1(1), 45-55.
Agba, M. S. Combating Corruption for Sustainable Developmental Growth in Nigeria: Exploring the Paradigm of Divine Option. International Business and Management, 1(1), 16-21
Agba, M. S., Agba, A. M. O., Ushie, E. M. & Akwara, A. Francis. Poverty, food insecurity and the rebranding question in Nigeria. Canadian Social Science, 5 (6), 1-9.

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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
United Action Against Corruption and Injustice (UAACAI) International Bi-lingual Conference on Research and Development cum Investiture with the theme Promoting Good Governance and Democratic Principles for Sustainable Developmental Growth in Africa.Sustainable Development, Due Process and Political Accountability in Nigeria2010-11-222010-11-24
Korea Association of Public Administration Annual Conference with the theme “Public Administration in National Development: Sharing the power of Experience” held at Seoul National University Seoul, Korea between June 27- 29, 2012.Public Administration, Governance and National Development in Nigeria2012-06-272012-06-29
Third International Conference on Human and Social Sciences ICHSS held between September, 20-22, 2013, Rome, Italy. Conference Proceedings of ICHSS, 2013Ethnic conflicts, Democratic Governance and Administration in Nigeria: The Relevance of Hislope’s Generosity Moment Theory as a Solution2013-09-202013-09-22
7th International Conference on Human and Social Sciences. 22-23 December, Barcelona. SpainFiscal Decentralisation, Public Expenditure Management and Human Capital Development in Nigeria. 2017-12-222017-12-23
International Meritorious Multidisciplinary Virtual Conference (IMMVC) 2020, held 17-19, August, 2020Segregation and wellbeing of third-generation migrants in Akpabuyo, Nigeria2020-08-172020-08-19