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Prof. Mbeh Ubana Eteng






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About Prof. Mbeh Ubana Eteng

[B.Sc., Ph.D, (CALABAR) PGD THEOL (LDA), PROFESSOR OF CLINICAL BIOCHEMISTRY, TOXICOLOGY AND PHARMACOGNOSY, UNIVERSITY OF CALABAR)] Area of interest 1. Biochemical, Nutritional and Reproductive Toxicology 2. Clinical Biochemistry/Malaria/ prostrate cancer Studies. 3. Medicinal Plant Research/Utilization and pharmacognosy 4. Nutritional Biochemistry

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
FSLCPrimary School Idomi, Yakurr, Cross River: FSLC19711977
WASC/GCECommunity Secondary School Idomi, Yakurr, Cross River19781982
H.Sc. (lower six)Federal School of Arts and Science, Ogoja, Cross River State19831984
B.ScUniversity of Calabar, Nigeria: 19841988
Ph.D BiochemistryUniversity of Calabar, Nigeria.19932000
Post graduate DIPLOMAEssien Ukpabio theological college, Itu.Post graduate DIPLOMA in theology programme,20102012

S/N Publication
M. U. ETENG., P. E. EBONG., R. R. ETTARH., I. B. UMOH (1998). Aminotransferase activity in serum, liver and heart tissue of rats exposed to theobromine. Indian Journal of Pharmacology. 30: 339-342. Publisher: Medknow Publication
M. U. ETENG, E. U. EYONG, E. O. AKPANYUNG, M. A. AGIANG and C. Y. AREMU (1997). Recent advances in caffeine and theobromine toxicities: a review. Plant Foods for Human Nutrition 51:231–243. Publisher: Klumer Academic Publishers, Netherland. ISSN 0921-9668
P. E. EBONG., E. U. EYONG., M. U. ETENG AND C. N. UKWE. (1999) Influence of chronic administration of chloroquine on leydig cell integrity and testosterone profile of Albino Wistar rats. African Journal of Reproductive Health. 3(2): 97-100. Publisher: Women's Health and Action Research Centre. ISSN 11184841Indexing: African Journal online; Google Scholar Web address: www.ajol.infor.

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