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Prof. Martin A. Nnoli






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About Prof. Martin A. Nnoli

I am a Chief Anatomist Pathologist with sub-specialization in forensic pathology. I received my forensic pathology training at the National Centre for Forensic Medicine, Abu-Kabir College of Medicine, Tel-Aviv, Israel. My residency training in patholgy was at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi-Araba. While undergoing residency, i completed an MSC in Pharmacology (UNILAG) and i obtained a Diploma in LAw from the Unicversity of Ibadan prior to all this. I trained in Medical Laborartory Technology and obtained my certificate in 1988

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S/N Publication
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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
Spring Course in Human Papilloma Virus Infection on treatment of cervical cancerSpring Course in Human Papilloma Virus Infection on treatment of cervical cancer, Haifa, Israel, 2007 2007-04-032007-04-06
Child abuse workshopChild abuse workshop Israel, December 20082008-12-092008-12-10
Critical care health program South AfricaCritical care health program South Africa, August 20092009-08-122009-08-13
Anglo-Phone West African ConferenceAnglo-Phone West African Conference in Forensic Pathology in 2010, Badagry,Lagos 2010-05-102010-05-12
Child abuse and homicide workshopChild abuse and homicide workshop, Capriolla, Italy, May 20102010-05-192010-05-19
Research Methodology and Editorial workshop/Scholarly JournalsResearch Methodology and Editorial workshop/Scholarly Journals (13th- 15th sept 2012.)2012-09-132012-09-15
Study of human skeleton/DNA analysis using bony Structures (Study of human skeleton/DNA analysis using bony Structures ( EAAF Program) Three Months course (Oct-dec.2012)2012-10-082012-12-11
1st Course on Forensic Sciences and Human Rights for Africa1st Course on Forensic Sciences and Human Rights for Africa 2012.(EAAF- Forensic Anthropology of Argentine- Durban South Africa)-Exhumation of Post-Apartheid era and detail study of the remains.(oct.-dec.2012)2012-10-082012-12-12
International Conference on sexual violenceInternational Conference on sexual violence south East London. June, 20142014-06-172014-06-18
National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria All Fellows conference National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria All Fellows conference August 2014,at Uyo. Paper Presented: Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) associated ConjuctivalTumours in Calabar2014-08-112014-08-13
International Forensic medicine conferenceInternational Forensic medicine conference at 02 peninsula square, London. 10th-12th march,2015.2015-03-102015-03-12
National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria (25th-26th June,2015) A two Day Training of Trainers Workshop2015-06-252015-06-26
Training on virtual AutopsyTraining on virtual Autopsy at National center for forensic medicine, Telaviv, Israel 2015-11-172015-12-02