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Prof. Louisa Etebom Uwatt


Arts Education




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About Prof. Louisa Etebom Uwatt

Prof. (Mrs) Uwatt is a graduate of English Language Education (University of Jos), a holder of Masters Degree in English and Literary Studies and Ph.D in Curriculum Studies (Language Arts) from University of Calabar. She was employed as a graduate assistance in the University of Calabar (1983) and rose to the rank of a Professor in 2010. She was a one time Head of Department, Curriculum and Teaching and a member of Governing Council of University of Calabar. A member of notable learned societies in and outside Nigeria. Has published many articles in learned journals. Prof Uwatt is a trained literacy facilitator and is involved in many literacy projects. She is an author and the Chairman, Anti-corruption and Transparency Unit (ACTU), University of Calabar.

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S/N Publication
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