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Dr. Joseph Okuta Ajor


History and International Studies


Senior Lecturer


[email protected]

About Dr. Joseph Okuta Ajor

Dr. Joseph Okuta Ajor is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of History and International Studies, University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria. He is a Doctor of Philosophy in Nigerian and African studies, with a specialty in migrations, ethnic and integration Studies. His Doctoral study on ‘Rural-rural migration’ a near neglected theme in Nigerian history, focused on the movements of peasant people across present Nigerian internal state boundaries and fills a lacuna in Nigerian historiography. The study focuses on the labour movement of peasant farmers from the rural areas of Bekwarra in Cross River State, to the rural areas of Yorubaland in South Western Nigeria and some Middle-Belt areas in Central Nigeria. His examination of the activities of this segment of the Nigerian rural population has exposed in bold relief their impact on all the societies concerned, economically, socially, culturally, educationally, politically and religiously. The work has shown that these migrants, by vacillating concurrently between their homes and destination areas, among other benefits, helped in balancing the difference in the labour needs of the study areas by redirecting labour supply from low to high peak demand areas. The work represents a major paradigm shift in the study of internal migrations in Nigeria heretofore focused on the rural-urban drift of populations and their attendant problems of urbanization and social dislocations. He has also written on some important issues like Settler- Indigene Relations in Nigeria; History: The Epicentre of National Integration; The Realism of Nigerian Nationalism and the Challenges of Nationhood; The Place of History in Mitigating National Challenges: The Case of Nigeria, and many others. Dr Ajor is a widely traveled scholar, having attended conferences both locally and internationally and has contributed to the body of knowledge with researched articles in reputable journals and book chapters.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC) St. Augustine Primary School, Bekwara19561971
West African Senior School Certificate Bekwarra Secondary School Abuochiche19751980
WAEC A LevelFederal School of Arts and Science, Ogoja19811983
Diploma in TheologyEastern Bible College Anyikang, Bekwarra19861988
B.A (HONS) HistoryUniversity of Calabar19921997
M.A History & International StudiesUniversity of Calabar19982002
Ph.D. History & International StudiesUniversity of Calabar20022006
Bachelor of Theology (BTH)Assemblies of God Seminary 20132014

S/N Publication
Eneji Chris-Valentine O., Ajor J. O., Eneyo E. O., Acha J. O. (2021) “Assessment of the Socioeconomic Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Small and Medium Scale Business Enterprises: Nigerian Youths in Perspective” Journal of World Economic Research 10(1),18-27
Ajor, Joseph O., Eneji, Chris-Valentine O. & Omang, T. A. (2021). “Universal Basic Education (UBE) Program Implementation and the Socioeconomic dimensions of Rural Labor Migration in Bekwarra Local Area Government, Nigeria” The Journal Of Arts, Humanities And Development Studies Research (JAHDSR) 3(1),14-35.
Julius S. Oday & Ajor, Joseph O. (2020). “Herdsmen as the Spiritual Arm of Fulani Expansionist Quest: A Threat to Integration in Nigeria”. International Journal of Recent Innovations in Academic Research. 4(9),10-20.
Julius S Odey, Ajor, Joseph Okuta & James O. Aboh. (2019) “The Place of History in Mitigating National Challenges: The Case of Nigeria.”International Journal of Recent Innovations in Academic Research 3 (3), 23-31.
Ajor, Joseph O. (2018). “Crime, Punishment and Judicial System in Pre-colonial African Society: The Bekwarra Practice”, African Pentecost: Journal of Theology and Social Work, (2) 195 – 213.
Ajor, Joseph O. (2018). “The Changing Pattern of Land Ownership in Bekwarra, Cross River State, Nigeria (1908-2015).” Research Centre for Management and Social Studies. 4(1),101-108.
Ajor, Joseph O. (2018). “Settler-Indigene Relations in Nigeria, 1920- 2014.” European – American Journals. 6(5),78-87.
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Ajor, Joseph O. (2016). “Developing Techniques for Using Oral Tradition for Historical Reconstruction in Africa From 1960 The Late 1970s. Humanities and Cultural Studies. 5(2),1–13.
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6. Eneji, C. V. O, Ntamu, G. U., J. O. Ajor; Ben,C. B, Bassey John E, and James J. William (2012) “Ethical Basis of African Traditional Religion and Socio-Cultural Practices in Natural Resources Conservation and Management in Cross River State, Nigeria. Journal of research in peace, Gender and Development. 2(2),34-43
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Ajor, Joseph O. (2006). “Colonialism and Rural – Labour Migration among Bekwarra, 1940 – 1960”, African Journal of Religion, Culture and Society. (1),84 – 88.
Dr. G. U. Ntamu and Ajor, Joseph O. (2006). “Afutang and Nndum Ancestral and Marital Fidelity Deities in Bekwarra Cosmology”, African Journal of Religion Culture and Society, (1),25–28.
Ajor, Joseph O. (2002). “Pre-Colonial Village Administration: The Bekwarra Example”. O. E. Uya (ed) Local Government Administration and Grassroots Democracy. 180-189.

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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
3-day workshop on Cultural identities and Documentation.Held by Eskor Toyo Foundation, Oron, Akwa Ibom State, Dec 7-9, 2000. 2000-12-072000-12-09
American Studies Association of Nigeria, Annual National Conference.Held in Calabar, October 6-9, 2003. 2003-10-062003-10-09
American Studies Association of Nigeria,Annual National Conference.Held in Ibadan,15th to 18th September,2004. 2004-09-152004-09-18
Historical Society of Nigeria Conference.Held in University of Calabar,June 5-8, 2007.2007-06-052007-06-08
First Interdisciplinary International Conference.Held in Catholic University of East Africa,Nairobi, Kenya,June 26-30, 2012. 2012-06-262012-06-30
Standard Nigeria Education2019-01-282019-01-30
A one-day Workshop on “Ethics and Itegrity for Management Staff”. University of Calabar, Anti-Corruption and Transparency Unit, 2019-09-032019-09-03