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Mr. Jonathan Nnabuchi Ezeorah




Senior Lecturer


[email protected]

About Mr. Jonathan Nnabuchi Ezeorah

I am an academic staff in the department of Mathematics in the area of Applied Mathematics. I have done some works in Mathematical Modeling, Cluster Analysis and Some Applications of Wave Equations. I am currently working on the Reduction of the Interval Hull of the System of Interval Linear Equations.  

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished

S/N Publication
EZEORAH J.N.,ASSI PETER, OKORO OSAHON(2016): The Similarities between the share (contribution) of Agricultural Produce and Petroleum products to the Economy of Nigeria from 1980-2010 Using Single-Linkage Clustering Method: The International Journal of Engineering and Science
ONWUKWE C. E., UGBOH J. A. AND EZEORAH J. N (2009): A Mathematical Model on Malaria Infection and its Spread over a given Population: Global Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences. 15. (2)., GJPAS, 
MBAH G. C. E. AND EZEORAH J. N.(2009): Energy Generation in a Plant by the Cells of the Leafs of the Plant. Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 20 (1)(2009) 45-53
EZEORAH J. N., UGBE T. A., AND AKPAN S. S (2016): Mathematical Modeling with First Order Differential Equation on the Maximization of Profit in a Company. Journal of Mathematical Theory and Modeling ISSN (Paper) 2224-5804 ISSN(online) 2225-0522
ETUK  E. H., ONWUKWE C. E. , EGONG I. E. AND EZEORAH J. N(2007): An ARIMA Model for Nigerian Aviation Traffic data. International Journal of Natural and Applied Science. 2 (1).,  (2007) ISSN 0331 – 6785,  (81 – 85)
EZEORAH J. N., UGBE T. A., AND AKPAN S. S (2016): Application of Kinematic wave Equation in the Study of the Rate of Blood Flow in the Vein. Journal of Mathematical Theory and Modeling ISSN(Paper) 2224-5804 ISSN(online) 2225-0522 
EZEORAH J. N., ONWUKWE C. E., AND UGBOH J. A (2007): Sales – Advertising Response Models in a Competitive Market: International Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences (IJNAS). 2 (2007)  (82 – 85)
EZEORAH J.N., UGBOH J. A., AND A. O. UNANAM (2011): Mathematical Model on the interaction between HIV/AIDS Carriers and Death in a given population. Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 22, (2)., 181 – 184
EZEORAH J. N.,OSAHON OKORO, NTEKIM E. O (2016): The Comparism Between the Adams-Moulton Method(Trapezoidal Method) and Runge-Kutta Method of Solving Stiff Differential Equation with Initial Value Problems: American Journal of Engineering Research
ONWUKWE C. E. AND EZEORAH J. N.(2009). Application of Single – Linkage Clustering method in the analysis of growth rate of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at 1990 constant basic Prices (Million Naira). Global Journal of Mathematical Sciences.  8  (2) (2009). AJOL(S. Africa) (83 – 93)

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