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Dr. John Nsor Okongo


Business Management


Lecturer II


[email protected]

About Dr. John Nsor Okongo

Dr. John Nsor Okongo holds a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Business Administration from Altantic International University in the United States of America, A Master of Public Administration from Dublin Metropolitan University in Cyprus and an LL.B Degree in Law from University of Ghana. A member of Institute of Policy Management Development and an associate of Chartered Institute of Administration. He is presently a lecturer in the University of Calabar in the Department of Business Management in the Faculty of Management Sciences.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
FSLCSt. Mary Primary School Okuni – Ikom, Cross River State19741980
WASC VELOS Secondary Commercial School, Ikom19801985
CIA Nigerian College of Administration affiliated to the Chartered Institute of Administration, Lagos (CIA)19961999
Bachelor of Arts (First Class (Hons) (Business Administration)Dublin Metropolitan University (CYPRUS)20022005
Master of Arts (Public Administration)Atlantic International University (CYPRUS) 20052007
M.Sc (Business Administration)Atlantic International University (USA)20062008
Ph.D (Business Administration)Atlantic International University (USA)20082009
Bachelor of Law (LLB)University of Calabar, Calabar20092013

S/N Publication
Ele, A.A., Inyang, B.J., Ekpe, O. E., Okongo, J.N.,Eja, B.R., & Ewa, S. F.(2021). Organizational Development: An Intervention Strategy for Effective Corporate Performance in Nigeria. British Journal of Management and Marketing Studies, 4: 9 – 25.
Ubi, I. U., Okongo, J. N. & Ofem, O. O.(2021). Economic Globalization and Organizational Performance in Nigeria: A Conceptual Review. International Journal of Scientific and Academic Research (IJSAR), 5.
Ele, A.A., Makama, L.L., & Okongo, J. N.(2020). Imperative Implications of Job Analysis on Employees’ Commitment of Public sector organizations in Cross River State, Nigeria. International Journal of Business and Management Review, 8 (1),49 – 68.
Ele, A.A., Okongo, J.N., Etta, P.O.(2020).Implementing Management Planning functions and organizational performance: A critique in the face of Cross River State Water Board Limited. American International of Supply Chain Management, 1:1.
Ugwuerua, E., Owa, E. O., Okongo, J. N.,& Egbara, W. O.(2020). Economic Partnership Agreements and European. African, Caribbean and Pacific Development Cooperation. FUDMA Journal of Politics and International Affairs (FUJOPIA), 3:8. FUJOPIA – volume 3, number 8, 2020,
Ubi, I.U., Ikongo, J.N., & Arikpo, N.N. (2019). Predicting Strategic Planning on Job Effectiveness of Academic Heads of Tertiary Institutions in North Central, Nigeria Global Scientific Journal, 7.

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