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Mrs. Inyang Juliet John




Assistant Lecturer


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About Mrs. Inyang Juliet John

Juliet John Inyang formerly known as (Juliet Alfred Ufot) is a lecturer in the Department of Marketing, University of Calabar. She is an educator, researcher, data analyst and social entrepreneur with keen interest in service marketing, international business, marketing and sales management and business research. She promotes career and capacity building opportunities for the African Scholar. Juliet was employed into the services of the University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria in 2015 as Graduate Assistant in the Department of Marketing and was later upgraded to the rank of Assistant Lecturer in 2017. Juliet holds a B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Marketing from the University of Calabar, Nigeria (2013) and was awarded M.Sc. degree in Tourism and Hospitality Marketing by the University of Calabar, Nigeria in 2017. She was awarded a certificate in Social Entrepreneurship from the University of Connecticut, USA in 2012; a certificate in ICT Training in SPSS (Statistical Packages for Social Sciences) and GenStatfrom Macgeorge& George Rs. Institute, Calabar in 2013. She is currently pursuing a PhD in International Marketing to enable her fully achieve her career objectives. Since joining the University of Calabar, she has been teaching, mentoring and contributing to the research acumen and graduation of students in the University. Juliet has participatedand presented at local and international conferences including the Annual Curators Meeting of Global Shapers at the World Economic Forum in Geneva,Switzerland, International Business and Education Conference in New York and London among others. As a result of her passion for research and business, Juliet has won several awards such as University of Calabar Study Fellowship Award, Best Paper Award 2015 at the Clute Institute’s International Business and Education Conference and Winner of the Lyfecamp Business Pitch Competition in 2014. She was also an awardee of the Ashoka Youth Venturer seed grant in 2012. As an undergrad, Juliet doubled as the best graduating student of the Department of Marketing as well as the Faculty of Management Sciences.Over the years, she has distinguished herself and acquired unique skills and capabilities in research, data analysis, website content writing, social entrepreneurship and development work. Juliet has shown much commitment to working actively with scholars, researchers and organizations to improve marketing and human resources capacity. She also participates in community services and other volunteering opportunities. Juliet Inyang is well published in the areas of service marketing, entrepreneurship and tourism, travel and hospitality. She has attended and presented papers in local and international conferences; as well as published articles in local and international journals. Juliet has authored/coauthored a number of journal articles and book chapters. She is a member of the Institute for Tourism Professionals. Through her blog, Juliet has contributed in building the career and capacity of scholars and researchers. Her hobbies are researching, reading, writing, mentoring young people, blogging and travelling. Juliet is married to John Inyang and they both have a kid- Jayden.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
FSLCStaff Nursery and primary School, FGC Port Hacourt, Rivers State19962002
SSCEFederal Government Girls’ College, MkpatEnin, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria20022008
B.Sc. Marketing (Honours)University of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria20092013
Certificate in Social EntrepreneurshipUniversity of Connecticut, Connecticut, United States20122012
Certificate in ICT, SPSS and GenStatMacgeorge& George Rs. Institute, Calabar, Nigeria20132013
M.Sc. Tourism and Hospitality MarketingUniversity of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria20152017

S/N Publication
Eze, F. J., Inyang, J. J., & Orji, V. N. (2020). Determinants of outbound medical tourism: Implications for service marketing and development. GeoJournal of Tourism and Geosites, 33(4), 507–1512. DOI:
Orji, V. N, Inyang, J. J., Akpan, J. S., Bassey, F. O., & Edodi, H. U. (2020). Nigerian tourists’ concerns towards medical risks and social challenges. African Journal of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure, 9(4), 612-625. DOI:
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S/N Grant Currency/Amount Grantor Date
Seed Grant$ 750Ashoka Youth Venturer 2012-02-04

S/N Conference Description Started Finished
International Business and Education Conference.International Business and Education Conference, held at London, United Kingdom, June 6-11, 2015.2015-06-062015-06-11