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Prof. Ikeji Chibueze Christian


Institute Of Public Policy and Administration




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About Prof. Ikeji Chibueze Christian

Chibueze,C.C Ikeji, P.hD is a Professor of Policy and Administration with firm disciplinary and research orientation in Political Science and social Science in general, with over forty-five (45) publications with global outlook and visibility.Professor Ikeji is a distinguished fellow of two notable Professional bodies and a member of a few others. apart from over two decades of academic and research undertaking, Professor ikeji ran served in many capacities in the university administration, including as; Head of department, Director of institute public policy and administration, member of university of calabar senate, member central appointment and promotion committee (A&PC), member of graduate school board. Proffessor ikeji is a consultant in policy and development administration and planning.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
FSLCGovernnent Primary School, Aba19671972
WACSChrist the King College (CKC), Onitsha19731977
BSc (Hons) Political & Administrative Studies University of portharcourt, Rivers State19811985
M.Sc Policy & Administrative StudiesUniversity of Calabar, Calabar19861989
PhD Public Administration/ Policy Analysis University of Calabar, Calabar19912000
Post Doctoral FellowshipUniversity of New jersey, USA20022003

S/N Publication
Ikeji, C. C., (2013). Rural Infrastructural Development in Nigeria: Policies and Implementation Strategies. Developing Country Studies. 3(6),122 -128.
Ikeji, C. C, (2013) Towards a Better Public Service Management in Nigeria: The ‘Target-Setting Technique’ to the Rescue. Public, Policy and Administration Research, 3(6),22-25.
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Ingwe, R., Ikeji, C. C., & Mboto, W., (2010). Forestry, Poverty Alleviation and Human Livelihood Support in Cross River State of Nigeria: An Analysis of Sub-National Agro-Forestry Development Policy in a Poverty-striken Region. Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa. 12(2), 414 - 442.
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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
Conference on Assessment of Nigeria's Democratic Journey so far organised by the center for Advanced Social Science (CASS) in collaboration with open Society Initiative for West Africa, Abuja Political Elites, Violence and Democracy in Nigeria2002-02-182002-02-21
International Political Science Association Conference Paris, FranceCongruities Between Ethnic politics,power and public Policy in Nigeria2002-05-172002-05-18
19th World Congress of International Political Science Asssociation ,Durban South AfricaPolitical Mobilization and Democracy in Nigeria: A Critical Examination of the role of the Civil Society.2003-06-292003-07-04
Nigerian Political Science Association Conference, AbujaNation Building and the Centrifugal Forces in Nigeria: Focus onthe trinity of ethnicity, Religion and Nepotism2004-06-272004-06-30
International Conference on Ethnicity and Politics "what we have Learnt"Dynamics of policy Process in contemporary Nigeria: The Myth or Reality of the ethnicity factor2004-10-012004-10-03
Annual Conference of the Nigerian Political Science Association, NPSA, EnuguRevisiting the Debate on restrucring of Nigeria: Some Clarification and Policy2005-07-142005-07-16
Africa's Stakeholders' Meeting of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate change's CMD policy Review, Johannesburg, South AfricaReflecting on Climate-Changed Development Crises in Africa: Development Administration to the rescue2012-06-042012-06-04
Confronting the Challenges of Development in the Niger Delta: Beyond the Amnesty",Benin CityDevelopment strategies and evasive Development Goals: Policy Analysis, Not Advocacy, to rescue2016-01-182016-01-21
International Journal of Arts & Science Asian -American Conference for Social Science and Humanities, Chiang Mai, Thailandtrackling Unemployment in Nigeria through Agricultural Programmes:the unfulfilled Promise of FADAMA scheme Revisted2016-01-182016-01-21
30th Annual Conference of the Nigerian Political Science Association on Elections, Security Challenges and African Development held at University of PortharcourtCritical Reflections on Nation-Building in the post-Military Era in Nigeria2016-06-262016-06-29