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Dr. Gregory A. Onah


Religious and Cultural Studies


Lecturer I


[email protected]

About Dr. Gregory A. Onah

The Rev. Dr Gregory A. Onah was born on the 4th of June, 1970 in Olarhor-Okpoma, Yala Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria. A Ph.D holder in African Traditional Religion and Culure. He attended the following institutions in his academic build-up. Christ the King primary school Okpoma, 1974-1980, Yala Secondary Commercial School Okpoma 1980-1985, Jonathan Ekong Memorial Lutheran Seminary Obot Idim, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, 1991-1992 and 1996-2000 respectively, University of Port Harcourt 2001-2012, B.A., MA., Ph.D. The Rev. Dr. Onah joined the Academic Staff of the prestigious University of Calabar on the 1st of June, 2015 as a Lecturer I. he has taught both the undergraduate and post graduate (MA) students of the Department, supervised students at the undergraduate and post-graduate and attended several conferences. He has more than 11 publications to his credit. Among his publications are the practice of Afiye (caste system) among the Yala people, widowhood practice among the Yala people of Cross River State, Lutheranism in Nigeria, Religion, Cosmology and worldview among the Yala people, the concept of health and wholeness in traditional African Religion and social medicine, among others. In the area of community service, the Rev. Dr. Onah has served as a member of the Department PG Curriculum review, member of the Faculty Committee on exams malpractice and a member of the Faculty of Arts editorial board respectively.

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S/N Publication
Dr.Etim E.Okon and Dr.Gregory A. Onah.“Igbo Cosmology and Cultural History”African Social Science Review,2.1,(2015),58-79.
Dr.ETim E.Okon and Dr.Gregory A.Onah.“Witchcraft Among the Yakurr People of Nigeria.African Social Science Review.2.1(2015)28-37.
Onah,Gregory Ajima.“The Persistence of the Practice of AFIYE-Caste System in Yala Nation and Modernity” International Journalof Humanities and Social Science.Special Issue 3.6,(2013)224-228.
Onah, Gregory Ajima.“The Practice of Afiye (caste system) Among the Yala People of Cross River State” Journal of Philosophy and Christian Sudies, Department of Religious Studies, Nassarawa State University Keffi,1.1,(2013)20-42.
Dr.Gregory A.Onah.“The Church and Afiye Caste System Among the Yala People of Cross River State” Archive for theology and Biblical Studies 5.1,(2016),25-29.
Onah, Gregory Ajima. “The Implication of the Practice of Afiye (caste system) on Human Development Among the Yala Communities of Cross River State of Nigeria”. European Journal of Scientific Research. 115.4, (2013), 622-629.
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Dr.Etim,E.Okon and Dr. Gregory A.Onah.“Cosmology, Worldview and the Social Order Among the Yakurr People of Nigeria”.Humanities and CulturalStudies 1.1,(2016),72-80.

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