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Dr. Godwin Oko Ushie


English & Literary Studies


Associate Professor


[email protected]

About Dr. Godwin Oko Ushie

Dr Godwin is an Associate Professor of the Department of English and Literary Studies.  He holds a Ph.D in English and Literary Studies specializing in Stylistics, Morphology and Applied English Linguistics. He has completed co- supervision of 1 Ph.D dissertation, 5 Masters of Arts Theses. He is currently c0-supervising 2 Ph.D dissertations and three Masters of Arts theses. He has 18 publications in peer-reviewed journals- both foreign and local. His research interests include language use in Literature, the English Language in the (New) Media and English Language Acquisition. His on-going research is on the impact of textese and cyberlese method of writing on students' performance, linguistic creativity in poetry in the New Media and the use of the New Media resources in language learning. He has attended 22 conferences both international and local. He has also presented at least 15 papers in the conferences attended.  He has been teaching the English Language courses in the university for two decades now.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
FIRST SCHOOL LEAVING CERTIFICATEGroup Primary School, Nyanya−Ulim, Bekwarra, CRS State19711978
SCHOOL CERTIFICATE 'O' LEVELCommunity Secondary School, Utugwang, Obudu CRS19791984
NCEFederal College of Education, Obudu CRS19871990
B.A. EdUniversity of Calabar, Calabar, CRS19921994
M.A. ENGLISH AND LITERARY STUDIESUniversity of Calabar, Calabar, CRS19952002
Ph.DUniversity of Calabar, Calabar, CRS20022008

S/N Publication
Ushie, G. O.& Eyang, A. E. (2003). Mother tongue literacy and democracy: The case of Bekwarra  in Cross River State. Nigeria Journal of Applied Literacy and Reading” 1 pp.58-62.
Ushie, G. O. & Nta, E. G. (2011) Descriptive focus as a semiotic    marker in Festus Iyayi’s Violence.”Studies in Literature and Language, 5, 45-54.  
Ottoh-Agede, B. S. Ushie, G. O. & Essien-Eyo, A. (2014). “Short comic stories in the social media and literacy”. 2014 WEI Academic Conference proceedings, New Orleans, USA. Pp.58-73.
Ushie, G. O. & Enyinnaya, M. (2016). A rhetorical forte in the war against corruption: A stylistic analysis of Bassey Ekpenyong’s Expositions. ASUU Journal of Humanities. 3(2), pp.70-82.
Ushie, G. O. (2011). Dialectical relexicalization in Festus Iyayi’s literary idiolect: Componential analysis approach. LWATI. A Journal of Contemporary Research, 8(1). pp.92-100.
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Ushie, G. O. (2013). The peculiar English pronoun ‘I’ Research on Humanities and Social Sciences. 3(6) pp.71-75.
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Ushie, G. O. & Consul, I. V. (2013). Biblical dialectics as style in Moses Oko’sThe House of Blood. JONEL: Journal of Nigerian English and Literature. 10, pp.256-263. 
Ushie, G O. & Blossom, S. O. (2016). Social Network Sites (SNS) technology and language education: Harnessing ICT – driven service delivery in FULAFIA. FJHSS: FULafia Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences 1(1), pp.18-34. 
Ushie, G. O. & Idaevbor, B. (2014). Umbilical accord and symbiosis between man and the environment: A stylistic analysis of selected poems of Joe Ushie’s Hill Songs and Unimna Angrey’s Drought (Ubuang). Theory     and Practice in Language Studies. 4(7), pp.1327-1333. 
Ushie, G. O. (2009). The evolution of Ebonics (Black English) and its use in African- American literature: The case of Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes      were Watching God. Ndunode: Calabar Journal of the Humanities, 8(1) pp. 183-197. 
Ushie, G. O. & Ofem, K. U. (2013).The nexus between social concerns and style: A study of selected poems in Unimna Angrey’s Drought (Ubuang). World Journal of English Language. 3(2) pp. 45-51.

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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
Paper Presented: “Mother Tongue Literacy and Democracy: The Case of Bekwarra Language of Cross River State”Regional Conference of Reading Association of Nigeria 2002 2002-03-062002-03-08
Paper Presented: “Poetic implicature in D. Brutus’ Letters to Martha 16”International Conference on African Lit and the English Language ICALEL, May, 2002 2002-05-072002-05-10
Paper Presented:” Social Vision in Ekwensi’s The Drummer Boy.” International Conference on African Literature and the English Language ICALEL, May, 2004 2004-05-042004-05-07
Pre-RetirementPre-Retirement Conference in Honour of Prof. Dele Orisawayi, 20052005-05-072005-05-10
African Lit and the English Language International Conference on African Lit and the English Language ICALEL, May, 2008 2008-05-062008-05-09
African Literature and the English Language International Conference on African Literature and the English Language ICALEL, May, 20102010-05-042010-05-07
Language and Literature11th Uyo Conference on Language and Literature (UCOLL) February, 2013. 2013-02-182013-02-21
African Literature and the English Language International Conference on African Literature and the English Language ICALEL, May, 2013 2013-05-072013-05-10
African Literature and the English Language ICALELInternational Conference on African Literature and the English Language ICALEL, May, 2014 2014-05-062014-05-09
Paper Presented: Ushie, G. O.Second Faculty of Arts’ Seminar Series of the Federal University Lafia, Nasarawa State, August 2014 2014-08-132014-08-13
Paper Presented:, Short Comic Stories in the Social Media and Literacy.2014 New Orleans Academic Conference, October 2014 Ottoh-Agede, B. S. Ushie, G. O.2014-10-192014-10-22
Paper presented: “Work Songs and Resilence of Bekwarra Farmers in Giza in Kardarko and Kawo in Doma of Nasarawa State.”Historical Society of Nigeria 2014North Central Conference at Benue State University Makurdi Nov18-21, 2014 Ushie, Godwin Oko, Orji-Mba, Benjamin 2014-11-182014-11-21
Paper presented: Biblico- Christian parlance and the enrichment of English lexicon and expressions 1st FULAFIA Conference on Research, Federal University Lafia January 2015. Ushie, Godwin Oko, Ph.D 2015-01-072015-01-09
African Literature and the English Language ICALEL,International Conference on African Literature and the English Language ICALEL, May, 2016. 2016-10-052016-10-08
Paper Presented: Literacy and Transformative Leadership: The Biblical Perspective.15th Biennial National Conference of Reading Association of Nigeria University of Calabar, Calabar Oct 2016. Gideon Imoke Emeng 2016-10-052016-10-08
Information and Communications for office Effectiveness and Improved ProductivityInformation and Communications for office Effectiveness and Improved Productivity, Graduate School Board Workshop, 24th of October, 2016. 2016-10-242016-10-24
Paper Presented: Literacy, complementarities and Nationalism: A reading of three poems in Idris Amali’s Efeega: War of Ants10 th Pan African Literacy for All (PALFA) Conference, August 2017, Ushie, Godwin Oko, Ph.D 2017-08-262017-08-29
Paper Presented: Ph.d Modifying Nigeria’s English Language Curriculum through Azouzu’s Complementary OntologyInternational conference of Faculties of Arts/Humanities Association of Nigerian Universities (FAHANU 2018) April 2018 Moko, Finian Igbede, Ph.D 2018-04-092018-04-13
Paper Presented: Iconicity as style in Joe Ushie’s poetryJoe Ushie @ 60 Conference, April 2018, Ushie, Godwin Oko, Ph.D 2018-04-252018-04-27
Paper presented: Anthropomorphism: Semiotising and conceptualizing the nature of GodInternational Conference on African Literature and the English Language ICALEL, May, 2018. 2018-05-012018-05-04