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Dr. Godwin Abeng Ebughe




Senior Lecturer


[email protected]

About Dr. Godwin Abeng Ebughe

Dr Godwin Ebughe is an associate Professor in the department of Pathology, faculty of Medicine University of Calabar. He joined the University on the 18th of August 2008 as a lecturer 1. He previously worked with the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital as a Registrar in Anatomic Pathology 1999 to 2000, and undertook 18 months of training as a registrar in Anatomic pathology at the department of Morbid Anatomy,Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital between 2001 an 2003.Between 2003 and 2007 he completed his senior residency training by undertaking training in the Departments of Pathology, University of Calabar Teaching hospital Calabar and Morbid Anatomy and Forensic Medicine Lagos University teaching Hospital Lagos. He qualified as a Fellow in Anatomic Pathology of the National Post graduate Medical College of Nigeria. His career began as a House officer in the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH), 1993-1994, Medical officer Ibrahim Babangida College of Agriculture,1996- 1998. His educational career started at Onyodama in Obubra Local Government area of Cross River State, where he obtained his first school leaving certificate (FSLC) in 1978. His Secondary education was at St.Brendans secondary school Iyamoyong,Obubra Cross River State(CRS) and Federal school of Arts and Science Ogoja (CRS), where he obtained his west African examination council certificate (WAEC) in 1986.He obtained a Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery, from the College of Medicine University of Calabar in 1992 and Fellow National Post Graduate Medical College of Pathology 2007, from the National Post Graduate College of Medicine in Ijanikin. Lagos.Grants/Fellowships.His interest in cancer research has enabled him and his research team to win several research grants as follows(1)Sub-Saharan Africa Lymphoma consortium:For the study of lymphoid malignancy in Sub-Saharan Africa,and covered Materials,training,studies and conference support up to $1,500.The guarantors were the National cancer institute of the United states US / Institute of Human Virology Abuja, Nigeria.The grant was for 2008/2009, study period.(2)Association of Pathologist of Nigeria Calabar branch. Purpose of grant was for state-wide cancer awareness/screening and hosting of the 11th scientific conference.The grant was dispensed in Naira and the total amount was 10,million :Naira (₦ 10,000,000).The guarantor was Diamond Bank of Nigeria.The date of the grant was 10-10-2010. (3) Immunohistochemistry support.Grant to provide 3kva inverter system for the Calabar breast study group.The amount was dispensed in Naira,and the total amount was four hundred and twenty thousand naira only (₦420,000).The guarantor was,Norvatis Pharma services Lagos.The date of the grant was 07/17/2012.(4) HPV associated head and neck cancers.Purpose of grant was to study the association of HPV virus with head and neck cancer in multiple sites in Nigeria.The grant was dispensed in Dollars and the total mount was more than $2000 in support and studies.The guarantors name was NCI/NIH United states through institute of human virology Abuja.(5)International centre for the study of breast cancer subtypes(ICSBCS).Purpose of grant was to study triple negative breast cancers and establish immunohistochemistry support through training.The money is to be dispensed in Dollars.The initial seed fees was$ 10,000 and guarantors name is Henry Ford Health system Breast oncology Department. The date of the grant is 02-06-2018 and was yet to be remitted as of August 28, 2019.Awards/Honours:He was the most disciplined Student in community secondary school Adun 1980, best graduating student in Part 1 examination of faculty of Pathology, National post graduate medical college of Nigeria 2002/2003.He has won many recommendations at work,including commendation for hard work,2004/2005.Teaching:As an Academic staff teaching is at the core of his employment, in this regard he teaches;General pathology, cardiovascular Pathology and Endocrine pathology and breast as well as tropical pathology to 4th year medical students. He also instructs in Gross Pathology and Microscopy practical to the same group of students as well as autopsy. He takes part in talks, as part of community development in the areas of, Cancer prevention on Radio, and community outreaches. beliefs in the saying ‘Any head that cannot think is sure to carry load later (Anonymous), and that ‘ work expands to fill the space the space allotted to it(anonymous)’.Journal reviewer/Editor experiences/Review Panel.He participated actively in the review of the current departmental hand book. Student/Post doc/Research Scientist Mentoring is also part of his duty and thus far he has supervised 5 postgraduate fellowships, has mentored -3, Post Doctoral Scientists, and conducted research mentoring 2 fellows.He has attended and organized many conferences,both locally and internationally and presented at many conferences. Notable conferences he took part in organizing are; Scientific Conference and AGM of Association of Pathologist of Nigeria 18th-22nd October 2010, Calabar,Nigeria. Several Local Nigerian Medical Association’s conferences and Africa and Middle East Society of Gastroenterology meeting in 2010. Scientific Activities: The main scientific activities he is currently engaged in are in Breast cancer research through the breast study group and he is currently researching on African breast cancer subtypes,retinoblastoma research.He and his research team are yeat to earn a patent., but it remains his dream to do so.Among the ongoing projects he and research team are working on are (1)Studying androgen receptor expressing breast cancer subtypes in Africans(3)Research on breast cancer subtypes in black Africans.His research collaborators include;Weill Cornell Medicine Breast Surgery of Weill Cornell Medical College, Weill Cornell University( Formally based in Henry Ford Health system, breast and on oncology department Detroit Michigan, United states.He is also collaborating with Mrs. Blessing Bassey, McMaster University Department of Microbiology. Other collaborators are the Breast cancer unit University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu; Department of Pathology, Lagos University Teaching Hospital;Department of Pathology, National Hospital Abuja;Federal Medical centre Bida Niger State.Among the professional associations he belongs are;Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria :FM. 24,658;Nigerian Medical Association;Association of Pathologists of Nigeria;Medical and Dental Consultants Association of Nigeria ;West African Division of International Academy of Pathologists;International Academy of Pathologists.Software/website. His personal website is still being arranged meanwhile he can be contacted at [email protected], [email protected] consult several teaching software forhis teaching.He has taken parts in several outreaches as part of his community service , a few to note include;Cancer Education and awareness in the 3 senatorial districts of Cross River 2010;Cervical cancer screening for Yakurr and Abi LGA’S 2012,National Cervical cancer screening for State security services Women, 2016.He also intervened with colleagues in the construction and equipping of 4 class room block and a laboratory bock for chemistry, biology and physics in Community secondary school Onyodama in Obubra. These projects were executed in partnership with Cross River State community and social development programme which is a world bank initiative. Dr EBUGHE has published 72 papers and preferred conference papers in peer reviewed journals.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
FSLCSt Patricks Primary School Onyodama19721978
WAECCommunity Sec School Adun. and St Brendan’s Ses.Sch.Iyamoyong19781983
WAECFed,Sch.of Arts and Science Ogoja.19861986
Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery.College of Med. Sciences, University of Calabar.19861992
Fellow Medical college of Pathology.National post graduate Med College of Nigeria.20002007

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S/N Grant Currency/Amount Grantor Date
Sub-Saharan Africa Lymphoma consortium:For the study of lymphoid malignancy in Sub-Saharan Africa.US $1,500 .00National cancer institute US / Institute of Human Virology Abuja.2008-03-01
Association of Pathologist of Nigeria Calabar Branch.State Wide Cancer Awareness/Screening and Hosting of the 11th Scientific Conference.NGN 10,000,000 .00Diamond Bank. 2010-10-10
Immunohistochemistry Support. Grant to Provide 3kva inverter system for the Calabar Breast Study Group.NGN 420,000. 00Norvatis Pharma services Lagos2012-07-17
HPV Associated Head And neck Cancers. To study the association of HPV virus with head and neck cancer in multiple sites in Nigeria.US $2,000. 00NCI/NIH United states through institute of human virology Abuja.2014-09-05
(5) International centre for the study of breast cancer subtypes(ICSBCS) Purpose of Grant: To study triple negative breast cancers and establish immunohistochemistry support through training.US.$10,000. 00Henry Ford Health system Breast oncology Department.2018-06-02

S/N Conference Description Started Finished
International congress “Environment, Immune Mediated Disease And Cancer: lessons From Developing And Developed Countries, Khartoum-Sudan Environment and Cancer, the Nigerian Experience.2008-03-282008-04-03
Bi-Annual General Meeting / Scientific Conference Of Medical and Dental Consultants Association Of Nigeria,Calabar,2008-12-102008-12-12
The 4th Annual Scientific conference of Anglophone West Africa Division of Academy of Pathologists organizedin Conjunction With Friends of Africa U.S.A. Venue:University College Hospital Ibadan, 2009-08-242009-08-29
Modern management of Lymphomas in “people living with HIV /AIDS’ Organized by Institute of Human Virology (IHVN)Abuja in Conjunction with The Subsaharan African Lymphoma consortium University of Maryland U.SA., Venue I.H.V.N conference center A2010-05-252010-05-28
Course On Immunohistochemistry and Western Blotting Training Organized by Safety Molecular Pathology and Norvatis Pharma Services2010-07-092010-07-13
Fifth Annual meeting Of Anglophone West Africa Division Of International Academy of Pathology, Lagos2010-08-232010-08-29
Association Of Pathologists of Nigeria 11th Scientific Conference “Enhancing Patient Care In Nigeria The Central Role Of The Laboratory Physician” , The Metropolitan Hotel And Conference Calabar2010-10-182010-10-22
The 11th Scientific Conference and AGM Of Association Of Pathologist OF Nigeria Calabar, Nigeria.2010-10-182010-10-22
The 29th International Congress of the International Academy of Pathology Cape Town South Africa.A review of Reproductive History, and Histological Features of Breast Cancers Seen in Calabar,Nigeria.2012-09-302012-10-05
Quality Teaching For Quality Learning, in Higher Education, Organized by Centre or Teaching and Learning Excellence ,UNICAL.With Assistance From STEP-B, Centre Of Excellence For Infectious Diseases, UNICAL-12-N2013-02-132013-02-13
Workshop On Medical Education by NMA, Cross River State, In Collaboration With College Of Medical Sciences ,University of Calabar.2014-07-162014-07-16
Training Of Trainers Workshop For Examiners /Assessors And Supervisors, Organized by, The National Postgraduate Medical College Of Nigeria – Ijanikin Lagos.2015-07-242015-07-27
Workshop on Modern Methods of Teaching, Organized by Medical and Dental Consultants association Of Nigeria Calabar,.2016-03-302016-03-30
Breast Cancer Summit, Organized by Roche, Owerri,.2016-08-012016-08-03
Pre Conference Workshop on Brest Immunohistochemistry Organized by Cancer Education And Advocacy Foundation Of Nigeria in Collaboration With Roche, At The trauma Centre National Hospital Abuja.2016-10-042016-10-04
Cancer Summit Of The Cancer Education And Advocacy Foundation Of Nigeria, YarAdua Centre Abuja2016-10-052016-10-06
Improving breast cancer management and outcomes in Africa, organised by the international centre for the study of breast cancer subtypes, Henry Ford health systems in collaboration with Department of Pathology Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Kwame 2017-08-062017-08-08
Improving breast cancer management and outcomes in Africa organised by the international centre for the study of breast cancer subtypes, Weill Cornell Breast Surgery, Weill Cornell University New York in collaboration with University of Nigeria Te2019-08-192019-08-22