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Dr. Gloria Mayen Umukoro


Moden Languages and Translation Studies


Lecturer I


[email protected]

About Dr. Gloria Mayen Umukoro

Gloria Mayen Umukoro is a Lecturer at the University of Calabar, Nigeria. She holds a Masters in African Literature and Ph.D. in Francophone Culture and Civilization. She is a member of the Nigerian French Teacher's Association of Nigeria (UFTAN). She speaks English, French and Efik.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
Ph.D Culture and CivilisationUniversity of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria20082012

S/N Publication
Umukoro Gloria Mayen and Okon Bassey Igri, “Escargot and the Francophone cuisine” LWATI International Journal 14(4), 66-80 2017
Umukro Gloria Mayen,"Where there is no second language, problems faced by international tourist during the Calabar Christmas festival", Imternational Journal of Humanities and Cultural Studies. (IJHCS) 2(2) 2015
Umukoro Gloria Mayen,“Le Bilinguisme Nigérian, Actif ou Passif ?’’ Calabar Journal of Francophone Studies,12.1 (2013) : 232-247.(Online – www frenchlecture.Com)
Umukor Gloria Mayen “Le Dialecte Garifuna; Un Moyen D’identite Culturelle”Nduoñde: Calabar Journal of the Humanities, 2018
Umukoro Gloria Mayen and Yta Edisua Mareb, “Adjudication and Band of the year award: A case study of the Masta Blasta Band” JOTHAMS 2018
Umukoro Gloria Mayen and Agwu Peter A,“Tourism site infrastructure and its effect on visitor patronage”, CAJOLIS 2018
Umukoro Gloria Mayen, “Diasporic culture, Cultural transformation and Grassroots development in Francophone Africa” LWATI 15(2), 134-1532018
Umukoro Gloria Mayen, “La Sexualité dans la société aujourd’hui ; Réflexion sur les activités de la fête de Noel de Calabar”, Journal of Modern European Languages and Literatures (JMEL), 4 (2015) : 35-52.
Umukoro Gloria Mayen, “Manifestation de la Dictature dans ‘En attendant le Vote des Bêtes sauvages’ d’Ahmadou Kourouma’’. Calabar Studies in Languages (CASIL), 15.1 (2009) : 8-15.
Umukoro Gloria Mayen and Egbai Mary Julius, “Gender Mainstreaming, A Panacea for Quality Service and Good Governance: An Insight into The Political Systems in Francophone...Global Journal of Applied, Management and Social Sciences 11
Yta Edisua Mareb and Umukoro Gloria Mayen,“Designs in Carnival Calabar” Nduoñde: Calabar Journal of the Humanities, 413 2017
Bassey Oben, Angela Ajimase and Umukoro Gloria, “A Socio-Psychological reading of Camara Laye’s ‘The Radiance of the King’, Calabar Journal of Liberal Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal (CAJOLIS), 15.1 (2011): 222-236. (Previously used
Umukoro Gloria Mayen and Odey Veronica, “A Comparative study of French and English auxiliary verbs”, French Language in Nigeria: Essays in Honour of UFTAN Pacesetters. Benin: Mindex Publishing Company Ltd., (2013) ISBN 978-978-8448-78-5.
Umukoro Gloria Mayen. “Nightlife tourism and Night time economy in Francophone African Cities”

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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
UFTANUniversity French Teacher's Association0201-11-092012-11-09
Paper Presented – “La Sexualité Dans La Société Aujourd’hui : Etude de la Fête de Noel de Calabar”Nov. 9th-14th 2013 - 16th Annual Conference 2013-11-092013-11-14
Paper Presented – “Where there is no foreign language: Problems faced by International tourists during the Calabar Christmas Festival”April 4th- 6th 2014 – The Annual African Conference, Austin, Texas 2014-04-042014-04-06
Paper Presented – “La Langue, un aspect de l’identité culturelle: Etude des Garifuna, un groupe diasporique retrouve dans l’Amérique”Nov. 2014 - 17th Annual Conference 2014-11-172014-11-17
Paper Presented – “Diasporic Culture: An instrument for Grassroots Development in Francophone Africa”April 3rd -5th 2015 – The Annual Africa Conference, Austin, Texas 2015-04-032015-04-05
Paper Presented – “Effets des jeux de L’OIF sur la diffusion de la langue Française parmi les non-francophiles” Nov. 8th- 12th 2015- 188h Annual Conference 2015-11-082015-11-12
Paper presented - Language Transfer Error In Efik Speakers Studying French LanguageAugust 21-24 2017 – Ist Nigeria – Togo International Conference on African Languages, Applied Linguistics and Literature, University of Lomé, Togo 2017-08-212017-08-24
First Nigeria - Togo International ConferenceBringing together scholars from all African countries and the world2017-08-212017-08-25
Paper presented - La diaspora et la patrie : une réflexion sur le développement de l’industrie touristique au Nigeria et au CamerounApril 9th – 13th 2018 – Ist Faculty of Arts, Humanities Association of Nigerian Universities (FAHANU), University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria 2018-04-092018-04-13