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Prof. Friday Akwagiobe Odey






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About Prof. Friday Akwagiobe Odey

Akwagiobe Friday Odey is a Professor of Paediatrics in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Calabar. He obtained the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBCh) degree in August 1991. He also obtained the Fellowship of the National Postgraduate College of Medicine in Paediatrics (FMCPaed.) in 2004. He was employed by the University of Calabar as Lecturer 1 in 2007. He was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2010, Associate Professor in 2013 and was promoted to the rank of Professor in 2016. During the course of his academic career, he has been actively involved in the training of undergraduate students in the department of Paediatrics. He has equally trained post-graduate (Resident Doctors) and supervised their dissertations as they pursue their specialization programme in different fields of Paediatrics. His research area include infectious diseases especially malaria and drug trials and has conducted several epidemiological researches. He is one of the Lecturer in Haematology and Oncology unit in Paediatrics department. Due to his commitment to serve the Faculty, Professor Odey served outside his primary department as the acting Head of Medical Microbiology and Parasitology department from March 2009 to September 2011. This sacrifice was to enable the Faculty meet the MDCN requirement for headship of clinical departments. He was elected Deputy Dean of the Faculty in September 2016 and assumed duties in October 2016. He assists the Dean in running the affairs of the Faculty. He is married with four children.

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