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Dr. Etuki Eborty Egbonyi



Lecturer II


[email protected]

About Dr. Etuki Eborty Egbonyi

Primary Sch. Ekureku 1975 1980 FSLC Agbo Comp./Sch. of Arts & Sc. Uyo 1980 1985 WASC University of Calabar 1987 1992 B.Agric University of Calabar 2000 2002 PGDEE University of Calabar 2008 2011 MEd University of Calabar 2013 2017 PhD

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
First School Leaving CertificatePrimary School Ekereku19751980
West African School CertificateAgbo Comprehensive School of Arts and Science Uyo19801985
B. AgricUniversity of Calabar Calabar19871992
PGDEEUniversity of Calabar20002002
Ph.DUniversity of Calabar Calabar20132017

S/N Publication
Ayuk, G.O. & Egbonyi, E.E. Akpo, D.M. (2019) Economy-basednDemographic Variable and Resource Conservation Practices in Tropical Rainforest in Ikom Education Zone of Cross River State, Nigeria. Journal of Environmental anf Tourism Education (JETE) 1&2 (2&1), 225-238
Ojong, A.A., Egbonyi, E.E. Akpo, D.M. (2019) Psycho-demographic Variables and Senior Secondary School Students' Perception of Solid Waste Management in Calabar Metropolis, Cross River State, Nigeria. Journal of Environmental and Tourism Education (JETE) 1&2 (2&1), 72-84
Omoogun, A. C., Egbonyi, E. E., & Onnoghen, U. N. (2016). From Environmental Awareness to Environmental Responsibility: Towards a Stewardship Curriculum. Journal of Educational Issues, 2(2), 1-13
Egbonyi, E. E. and Ivi, E. E. (2016). Environmental Effects of Fertilizer Application on Land and Water: Implication for Sustainable Development. International Journal of Agricultural Innovations. Center for Advanced Training and Research in Association with JIMST Medina, Accra, Ghana Pp. 35-38
Egbonyi, E. E., Omoogun, A. C., Banjo, J. O. (2016). Promoting Sustainable Agricultural Production through Education on Clean Technology. Africa Journal of Vocational Education (AJOVED) Department of Vocational Education, University of Calabar, Nigeria. Pp. 257 – 263
Egbonyi, E.E. Orim, R.E. & Imoke, M.J. (2018) Perception of Climate Change Among Secondary School Teachers in Calabar South and its Implication for Planning Environmental Education Curriculum. Journal of Environmental and Tourism Education (JETE),1(1), 93-99
Egbonyi, E.E., Idongesit, E.E. & Omoogun, R.M. (2018) Capacity Building and Perception of Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching of Environmental Education Among Secondary School Teachers in Cross River State, Nigeria. Journal of Environmental and Tourism Education (JETE). 1(1), 28-35

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