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Mr. Enya Gabriel Emori


Banking and Finance


Lecturer II


[email protected]

About Mr. Enya Gabriel Emori

Mr. Gabriel Enya Emori obtained his B.Sc. degree in Banking and Finance and M.Sc. degree in Finance obtained from the University of Calabar in 2008 and 2012 respectively. He joined the services of the University of Calabar in 2013 as Assistant Lecturer. His main areas of research are focused on public financial management, budgets and budgetary, government expenditure and external debt management. Since joining the University, he has been assisting in teaching, mentoring and contributing to the graduation of students in the University. Mr Emori contributed two chapters to the textbook titled: Nigeria Financial, Environment - A Theoretical Exposition. He has also published over fifteen articles in both local and international journal. Mr Emori is a regular participant in many local and internal conferences where he presented papers.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC)Presbyterian Primary School,Adadama19861992
Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (NECO)Community Secondary School, Itigidi19942000
M.Sc FinanceUniversity of Calabar, Calabar19992012
B.Sc Banking and FinanceUniversity of Calabar, Calabar20032008

S/N Publication
Edom G. O., Inah, E. U., & Emori, E. G. (2018). Small and Medium Enterprises Financing and Poverty Reduction in Nigeria: An Empirical Analysis. Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development , 6(11),91-100.
Emori E. G., & Nkamare, S. E. (2018). Effect of Credit Policy Measures and their Influence on the Performance of Microfinance Banks in Calabar. AKSU Journal of Management Sciences, 3 (1),107-112.
Emori E. G. & Ezeudu, I. J. (2018). Impact of Corporate Governance on the Financial Performance of Insurance Companies in Nigeria: Journal of Banking and Finance and Development, 10 (1),1-28.
Aganyi A. A., Edom, G. O., & Emori E. G. (2018). Impact of Working Capital Management on the Profitability of Nigeria Breweries Plc. FUWGESTJ. Journal of the General Studies Units, Federal University Wukari: Taraba State, Nigeria, 2 (1),19-27.
Eba, A. O., E. N. Obim & E. G. Emori (2017). A Disaggregated Analysis of Government Expenditure on the Growth of Nigeria Economy (1990-2015). Research Journal of Finance and Accounting, 8 (14),116-122.
Ezeudu, I.J & Emori, E. G. (2017) Empirical Analysis of Holistic Activities of Microfinance Banks in Nigeria. AKSU Journal of Management Sciences, 2 (2),68-81.
Emori, E. G., Edom, E. O. & Nkamare S. E. (2017). Effect of Bank Investments on the Performance of Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria. ESUT Journal of Accountancy,18 (2),33-38.
Ibor, B. I., Eba A. O. & Emori E.G. (2017). The Impact of Public Sector Expenditure on the Development of Nigeria Capital Market. International Review Management and Business Research,7 (2),576-586.
Emori, E. G. & Ikenna, D. N. (2015). Effect of Capital Structure on Corporate Performance in Nigeria. Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development, 6 (14), 69-77.
Enya Gabriel Emori, Stephen Bassey Duke & Ikenna Dominic Nneji (2015). Impact of Public Expenditure on Economic Growth in Nigeria. International Journal of Scientific Research and Management, 3(11),113694-3700.
Emori, E. G. (2015). The Impact of External Debt on Nigeria Economic Growth (1990-2009). Archives of Business Research,3 (1),69-80.
Ogar, A., E. G. Emori & Oka, F. (2015). The Contribution of Deposit Money Banks on the Growth of Agricultural Sector in Nigeria. Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal, 3 (2),33-42.
Emori, E., Stephen N. & Ikenna N. (2014). The Impact of Banking Consolidation on the Economic Development of Nigeria. Research Journal of Finance and Accounting 5 (16), 113-119
Ojong, C. M., Ekpah, A. Ogar & Emori, E. G. (2014). Banking Sector Reforms in Nigeria: A Regulatory Imperative for a Sustainable Banking Industry. Research Journal of Finance and Accounting, 5(13), 166-189.
Ogar, A. S. E., Nkamare & E. G. Emori (2014). Fiscal and Monetary Policy and its Effect on the Growth of Nigeria Economy. European Journal of Business and Management, 6(29),220-232.

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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
International Conference of Accounting and Finance Research Association held at the University of Calabar International conference centre,4th - 6th November 2018“Effect of Government Expenditures on the Economy of Nigeria (1981-2016) An Econometric Investigation”.2018-11-042018-11-06