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Dr. Emmanuel Williams Udoh


Religious and Cultural Studies


Lecturer II


[email protected]

About Dr. Emmanuel Williams Udoh

Emmanuel Williams Udoh is a lecturer in the Department of Religious and Cultural Studies in the University of Calabar. He came into the employment of the University of Calabar, Nigeria in November 2010 as an Assistant Lecturer. Before joining the institution he had served as an ordained Minister in the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, a theological Tutor and full-time parish minister. Joining the Federal institution gives him an opportunity of reaching the youth with his wide knowledge of the Bible and theology, and to contribute to the uplifting the moral standard of the society. Academically, Dr. Udoh haven obtained enough credits at the General Certificate of Education, Ordinary Level (GCE O/level) attended the Theological College of Northern Nigeria, Bukuru (an affiliate of the University of Jos), where he obtained his Bachelor of Divinity Degree in Theology in 1997, he furthered his studies at the University of Calabar where he obtained his Master of Arts degree (M.A) in Religion and Philosophy in 2005, and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) with specialization in Comparative Religion in 2016 from the same university. Dr. Udoh has also attended professional courses in and outside Nigeria and holds certificates in Church and Society, Social Youth Work, Church Management and so on. Dr. Udoh is a member of several academic bodies including FAHSANU (Faculty of Arts/Humanities Scholars’ Association of Nigerian Universities); Nigerian Association for the Study of Religion (NASR); Pan African Anthropoligical Association (PAAA); and Member, Nigerian Association of Biblical Studies. However, in order to further enhance his academic pedigree, he has attended several conferences and presented papers. Among Conferences attended include National Conference on Religion, Security and Economy in Africa from May 22-25. 2017 at Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, Owerri; FAHASANU International Conference in Calabar; Nigerian Association for the Study of Religions – 40th Annual Conference 16th -19th September 2019; PAAA Conference 15th – 17th August, 2018 on Resurgence of Slavery: Implications for African Anthropology and Development in the 21st Century. Dr. Udoh is a recognized speaker in several local and international events – Addressed the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in1988; delivered a talk at the World DIAKONIA Conference held in Canada in 1993; addressed the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria on several issues relating to Church and Society. Dr. Udoh is a Reviewer for IGI Global. He has held several positions in the University of Calabar including Faculty of Arts Representative at the Faculty of Biological Sciences; Departmental Course Adviser for year 3 students; currently Departmental Examination Officer. Dr. Udoh is a lecturer who specializes in World Religions, Comparative Religion, Sociology of Religion, Psychology of Religion, Research Methods in Arts and Humanities, and also have flare for African Traditional Religion and Islam. This course are taught at first degree and Masters levels. In addition he supervises students at these levels. He has served the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria at various levels. Aside from being Theological tutor, Lay development trainers and parish minister, he was also Chairman Congregational Ministries Department of the Board of Faith and Order of the church, Clerk or Secretary of Lagos East Presbytery, Calabar Presbytery and Moderator of Port Harcourt Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria. Dr. Udoh enjoys reading, sports – football, badminton, singing, and writing. He is a person with ability to work with little or no supervision, quick to adapt to work environment, understands the concept of team work and understands the concept and, principles and strategies of human development.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
B.D in TheologyUniversity of Jos, Jos, Nigeria 19931997
M.A in Religion and PhilosophyUniversity of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria20032005
Ph.D in Comparative ReligionUniversity of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria20102016

S/N Publication
Udoh, E.W. (2020). “Modern Religious Slavery in Nigeria: The Christian Perspective.” PINISI Descretion Review. 4 (1), 11-20.
Udoh, E.W. (2020). “Appropriating the Ethos of Confucius for the Rebuilding of the Nigerian Commonwealth.” PINISI Descretion Review. 4 (1), 103 – 112.
Akpanika, E.N., & Udoh, E.W. (2020). “Religion and Community-Based Services: Reinvigorating the Diaconal Ministry of the New Testament in Nigerian Churches.” IJALBS. 5, 166-175.
Udoh, E.W. (2019). “Understanding Church Leadership and Governance for Spiritual and Social Transformation of Nigeria” Theological Education and Social Transformation in Nigeria. Uyo. Essien Ukpabio Presbyterian Theological College. 84-115.
Udoh, E.W. (2018). The Religious Response to Migration and Refugee Crises in Cross River State. Nigeria, FAHSANU Journal. 1(2). 75-85.
Udoh, E.W. (2017). The Issues of Contention between Religion and Culture in Africa”. Leajon, An Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. 8(2), 114-125.
Udoh, E.W. (2017). The Problem of Evil: A Case Against the Omnipotence and The Goodness of God. Leajon: Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 8(2). 66-83.
Udoh, E.W. (2017). A Comparative Examination of Issues of Religion and Culture in Africa. American Journal of Social Issues and Humanities. 7(1), 66-75.
Udoh, E.W. & Ekeke, E.C. (2016). “The Religious and Cultural Origin of Corruption in Nigeria” Anti-Corruptoion Studies Ed. Uti Egbai. 1, 200-221
Ekpenyong, E.O. & Udoh, E.W. (2014). Conflict Management. The Contribution of the Christian Church. The Leajon, An Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 5(2), 27-48
Ekpenyong, E.O. & Udoh, E.W. (2014). Theism in Christianity, Islam and Sikhism: A Comparative Analysis. The Leajon: An Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 5(2), 73-79.

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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
National Conference on Religion, Security and Economy in AfricaThe Conference took place at Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, Owerri. It discussed issues relating to religion, security and Economy as they affect African Countries.2017-05-222017-05-24
Faculties of Arts/Humanities Association of Nigerian Universities International ConferenceThe Conference theme was "The Arts/Humanities: Past, Present, and Future. The conference was motivated by the concern that the Arts/Humanities have been experiencing in the past till the present, the questioning of their contributions to national development in a world where the emphasis is on technological innovations to drive the economy. The conference took place at the University of Calabar. It attracted key speakers and participants from other parts of Africa.2018-04-092018-04-13