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Mr. Emmanuel Offiong Effanga


Zoology and Environmental Biology


Lecturer II


[email protected]

About Mr. Emmanuel Offiong Effanga

Mr. Emmanuel Offiong Effanga is a lecturer in the Department of Zoology and Environmental Biology, University of Calabar. He holds a Bachelors degree in Zoology and a Masters's degree in Parasitology from the University of Calabar. As an undergraduate student, he won the University of Calabar annual undergraduate scholarship in the 2001/2002 session and became the best graduating student of the Department of Zoology in 2004. He has served as an IT tour guide at CERCOPAN, Calabar (2002 – 2003) and a teacher at the Salama High School, Jos (2005 – 2006) before joining the University of Calabar as a Graduate Assistant in 2006. His main areas of research interest are parasites of medical and veterinary importance, prevalence studies, epidemiology, control strategies, and mapping. Mr Effanga has been teaching, mentoring, and researching in the University. He is a member of the Parasitology and Public Health Society of Nigeria (PPSN) and the Nigerian Red Cross Society. He has nine publications in international peer-reviewed journals. He has attended several capacity-building trainings/workshops within and outside the University. He currently teaches courses in Parasitology, Protozoology, Invertebrate Zoology, and Animal Physiology in the Department of Zoology and Environmental Biology, University of Calabar. He also doubles as the Examinations Officer/Academic Adviser for Marine Biology Students.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
First School Leaving CertificateAunty Lovina International Nursery School, Diamond Hill, Calabar Cross River State Nigeria. & Nigerian Navy Primary School, Ikot Ansa, Calabar Cross R19841991
WAEC Senior School CertificateHope Waddell Training Institution, Calabar19911998
B.Sc Zoology, Second Class Honours (upper division)University of Calabar, Calabar Cross River State Nigeria.19992004
M.Sc in Parasitology University of Calabar, Calabar Cross River State Nigeria.20062014

S/N Publication
Imalele, E.E., Effanga, E.O., & Usang, A.U. (2019). Haemoparasitic Infection and Haematological Indices of Cattle Slaughtered For Sale in Calabar, Nigeria. International Journal of Verterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry, 4(4), 7-11.
Effanga, E.O. & Imalele, E.E. (2018). Intestinal Parasites and Anaemia amongst Adult Patients Attending a Tertiary Hospital in Calabar, Nigeria. Journal of Global Biosciences, 7(9), 5633-5653.
Effanga, E.O. & Eyo, V.O. (2018). Endoparasitic Infestation of the Nile Squeaker,Synodontis schall (Bloch and Schneider, 1801) from the Cross River Estuary, Nigeria.Asian Journal of Advances in Agricultural Research, 6(3), 1-10.
Eyo, V.O., & Effanga, E.O. (2018). Ectoparasitic infestation of the Nile Squeaker, Synodontis schall (Bloch and Schneider, 1801) from the Cross River Estuary, Nigeria.International Journal of Aquatic Biology, 6(1), 37-43.
Oden, E.M., Eyo, O.A., Effanga, E.O., Okete, J.A., & Boco E.E. (2018). Plasmodium Parasitaemia in Sicklers and Non-sicklers attending the General Hospital Calabar, South- South Nigeria: A Cross-sectional Study. World Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research, 4(9), 7-11.
Mowang, D. A., Ajang, R. O., Ndome, C. B. & Effanga, E. O. (2015). Acute Toxicity of Water Soluble, Water Insoluble Fractions and Whole Crude (Bonny Light) on the Growth and Development of One and Two Week Old Tadpoles of the Crowned Bull Frog (Hoplobatrachus occipitalis) in Calabar, Nigeria. Journal of Biopesticides and Environment, 2(1-2), 36-46.
Eni, G.E., Andem, A.B., Effanga, E.O., Umoh, C.J., Oku, E.E., & Ogbeche, E.O. (2014). Prevalence of Yellow Fever Vectors in the Forested Area of Bekwarra, Southern Nigeria. Journal of Academia and Industrial Research, 2(8), 472-475.
Okorafor K. A., Effanga, E. O., Andem, A.B., George, U.U. & Amos, D.I. (2013). Spatial Variation in Physical and Chemical Parameters and Macro-invertebrates in the Intertidal Regions of Calabar River, Nigeria. Greener Journal of Geology and Earth Sciences, 1(2), 63-72.
Arong, G.A., Shitta, K.B., James-Rugu, N.N.,& Effanga, E.O. (2011). Seasonal Variation in the Abundance and Distribution of Ixodid ticks on Mongrel, Alsatian and Mixed Breeds of Dogs (Canis familiaris) in Jos, Plateau State, North-central Nigeria. World Journal of Science and Technology, 1(4), 24-29.

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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
9th Annual Conference of Zoological Society of Nigeria (ZSN), University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.2014-11-302014-12-03
The 39th Annual Scientific Conference of the Parasitology and Public Health Society of Nigeria (PPSN). Federal University, Lafia, Nigeria2015-09-022015-09-05
Proposal (grant) writing workshop. Organised by Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Calabar in conjunction with The Nigerian Academy of Science. University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria.2019-07-232019-07-24
The 43rd Annual Scientific Conference and of Parasitology and Public Health Society of Nigeria (PPSN), University of Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.2019-09-102019-09-13