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Dr. Ekpe Okpata Aribo




Senior Lecturer


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About Dr. Ekpe Okpata Aribo

After his graduation, Dr. Aribo was offered an internship appointment by the Abia State University Teaching Hospital (ABSUTH) Aba in 1995. On completion of the internship, he was employed by the hospital as a senior house officer. In December, 1996 he resigned from ABSUTH, Aba to work with a Missionary Managed Hospital, Madona Medical Centre, Aguneze, Mbaise, Imo State. In 1996, he resigned his appointment with Madona Medical Centre to establish his private practice (Life Gate Medical Centre) at Achingali, Obowo Local Government Area, Imo State. In October 2003, he got an appointment with the Cross River State Ministry of Health as a Medical Officer. During his engagement with the Cross River State Ministry of Health from 2003 to 2010, Dr. Aribo worked in several hospitals in different capacities including being the medical superintendent in charge of St. Joseph Hospital, Ikot Ene, Akpabuyo and later Cottage Hospital Oban, Akamkpa Local Government Area. In December 2010, he left the Cross River State Ministry of Health following his employment by the University of Calabar as Lecturer II in the Department of Human Physiology. He finally opted for the University due to his love for research, teaching and mentoring of younger ones. Dr. Aribo has been successfully assessed for the position of Senior Lecturer. Dr. Aribo obtained his First School Leaving Certificate in 1974 from Presbyterian School, Usumutong in Abi Local Government Area of Cross River State. In 1985, he got his West African School Certificate from Secondary School Usumutong. Dr. Aribo also bagged an MBBCh (1995), M.Sc. (Pulmonary Physiology, 2012) and PhD. (Reproductive and Endocrine Physiology, 2016) degrees from the University of Calabar, Calabar. Dr. Aribo obtained the University of Calabar Study Fellowship Award in 2015. Dr. Aribo has presented talks on health-related issues in conferences and retreats. These include “Eating well to live well” at CFWM, Calabar and “Effect of Food Choices on Health” at AGC, near New Airport Calabar. He also presented a paper titled: “Effect of Chronic Consumption of Aqueous Leaf Extract of Piper Guineense on Hematological Parameters, Liver Enzymes and Lipid Profile in Albino wistar rats” at the Physiological Society of Nigeria Conference, Enugu, 2015. Since assumption of duty in the Department of Human Physiology, Dr. Aribo has taught both undergraduate and graduate students and has taught virtually every physiologic system. Dr. Aribo is a reviewer to Saudi Journal of Medicine and International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition. Dr. Aribo has successfully supervised an M.Sc. student and is currently supervising three M.Sc. and one Ph.D. students. He attended several conferences including the 35th Annual National Conference of Physiological Society of Nigeria (PSN) held in Enugu, 2015. Other conferences attended by Dr. Aribo include 32nd Annual Conference of Physiological Society of Nigeria held in Calabar, 2012 and the 31st Annual National Conference of Physiological Society of Nigeria held in Sokoto in 2011. Major research projects already concluded by Dr. Aribo are: “Lung Function Parameters in Spray Painters in Calabar, Nigeria”, “Effect of Long Term Consumption of Aqueous Leaf Extract of Occimum gratisimum on Hematological Parameters in wistar rats” and “Effects of Long Term Consumption of Thermoxidised or Photoxidised Palm Oil Diets on Reproductive Function in Male and Female wistar rats”. He is currently working on the possible ameliorating effects of Vitamin E and zinc on photoxidised or thermoxidised palm oil-induced reproductive toxicity in male wistar rats. Dr. Aribo is a member of the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) and Physiological Society of Nigeria (PSN). Dr. Aribo has featured in about ten free medical outreaches organised by NGOs like AM Projects, Pro-Health, Efiks in Diaspora, CFWM and Adim Workers Association. Dr. Aribo has published thirteen articles all in reputable foreign journals and being first author in nine of the thirteen articles. His articles are citable in Scopus, Google Scholar, Research Gate and Thompson Reuters.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
FSLCPresbyterian Primary School, Usumutong, Abi LGA. CRS 19691974
WASC/GCESecondary School, Usumutong, Abi LGA. CRS19791985
Bachelor of Medcine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBCh) University of Calabar, Calabar. 19871995
M.Sc (Pulmonary Physiology) University of Calabar, Calabar.20072012
Ph.D (Reproduction/ Endocrine Physiology) University of Calabar, Calabar.20122016

S/N Publication
Aribo, E. O., Udokang, N. E., Nweke, U. A & Chuba, E. O. (2019). The hypolipidemic effect of black eyed pea (Vigna unguiculata) is influenced by the extent of seed boiling. Int. J. Food Sci. Nutrition, 4(1), 18-21.
Aribo, E. O., Udefa, A. L. & Beshel, F. N. (2019). Consumption of Aqueous Leaf Extract of Piper guineense Alters Hematological and Biochemical Parameters in Wistar Rats. Saudi J. Biomed. Res, 4(3), 100-104.
Aribo, E. O., Ani, E. J., Osim, E. E., & Owu, D. U. (2018). The effect of long term consumption of thermo-oxidized palm oil diet on some reproductive parameters in male wistar rats. World J. Pharmaceutical Res. 7(12), 68-81.
Aribo, E. O., Nwangwa, J. N., Udefa, A. L., & Udokang, N. E. (2018). Comparative effects of long term consumption of thermo- and photo-xidised palm oil diets on some reproductive parameters in male wistar rats. Saudi Journal of Medicine. 3(6), 334-341.
Aribo, E. O., Nwangwa, J. N., Urom, S.E., & Ofem, O. E. (2018). Long term Consumption of Photoxidised Palm oil Diet Impairs Reproductive Function in male wistar rats. Saudi J. Medical and Pharmaceut. Science, 4(6), 725-732.
Aribo, E. O. & Udokang, N. E. (2018). Long term consumption of thermoxidised or photoxidised palm oil diets is associated with systemic expression of oxidative stress markers. Euro. J. Pharmaceut. Med. Res, 5(8) 23-27.
Aribo, E. O. & Udefa, A. L. (2018). Consumption of aqueous leaf extract of Ocimum gratissimum impairs hematological function in Wistar rats. Saudi J. Med, 3(7), 361-365.
Aribo, E. O., Ikempti, F., & Nwangwa, J. (2015). Menarcheal age in School Girls in Calabar, Nigeria. Der Pharmacia Lettre 7(1), 325-330.
Urom, S. E. Osim, E. E. Antai, A. B. Aribo, E. O. & Ofutet, E. O. (2015). Prevalence of respiratory and non-respiratory symptoms among workers Chronically exposed to wheat flour Dust and other possible occupational Hazard in flour mill industry. Journal of Dental and medical sciences 14(7), 36-9.
Aribo, E. O., & Antai, A. B. (2014). Lung function parameters in spray painters in Calabar, Nigeria. Annals of Biological Research 5(11), 32-35.
Ekpenyong, C. E. Daniel, N. E. & Aribo, E. O. (2013). Association between Academic stressors, Reaction to stress, coping strategies and musculoskeletal disorders among college students. Ethiop. J. Health Sci. 23(2), 98-112.
Davies, K. G., Edaghor, I., Aribo, E., Antai, A. B., & Osim, E. (2013). Effect of Artemether and Artesunate on social behaviour and perception. Research in Neuroscience 2(3), 31-38.
Ekpenyong, C. E., Aribo, E. O., & Samson, T. K. (2012). Obesity Related Health Risk Knowledge, Socio-economic Disparity and life style practices: A cross sectional study among Obese and non-obese adult Nigerians. Journal of Middle East Applied Sciences and Technology, 55(1), 1055-1061.

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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
31st Annual National Conference of Physiological Society of Nigeria (PSN), Sokoto2011-09-162011-09-19
32nd Annual National Conference of Physiological Society of Nigeria (PSN), Calabar.2012-08-222012-08-24
35th Annual National Conference of Physiological Society of Nigeria (PSN) Enugu.Effect of chronic consumption of aqueous extract of Piper guineensis on haematological parameters, liver enzymes and lipid profile in Albino wistar rats. 2015-09-162015-09-19