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Dr. Ekere Scholastica Cyril-Okon


Educational Management


Senior Lecturer


[email protected]

About Dr. Ekere Scholastica Cyril-Okon

Scholastica C. O. Ekere is a seasoned educational administration and planning devotee in the Department of Educational Administration and Planning Faculty of Education University of Calabar where she presently lectures as senior lecturer. Before transferring her services to the University of Calabar as a senior lecturer in 2010, she served as Principal in the University of Calabar Int'l Secondary School from 2001 to October 2010 and was got the maiden Best Principal Award, in 2006 by Conference of Nigerian University Secondary Schools. She was engaged by the Post Primary School Management Board Calabar from November 1980 to August 2001 and grew through the ranks from Econs/History teacher to vice Principal Academics. She holds a B.Sc. Economics (Education) from the University of Calabar (1988), M.Ed in Education Management and Organization from the University of Hull (1994) and a Ph.D in Educational Administration and Planning, degree from the University of Calabar (2010). A registered professional teacher teaching various categories of students at different levels, from Postgraduate to UME/CES. Due to her vast and proficient grasp of administration and management, she's been highly sought after to delivered talks in a number of seminars and symposiums. She has participated actively and collaborated in presenting papers and publications in several workshop and conferences on education within and outside the country. In the Course of her practice, she's grasped the art of coordinating effectively school administrative work with teaching, planning, developing, administration and management which lead to her serving as Chairman of the Education Administration and Planning Departmental Welfare Board; Member of the Faculty of Education Welfare Committee, Member, Faculty of Education Training Consultancy committee, Member, Committee for International Exchange Program, Chairman Management of Laboratory Resource Committee, Examination Officer for Centre for Educational Studies. She is an external examiner and consultant to various subdivisions within the academic sector. A sociable but strict organizer and problem solver, whose career as a teacher and educational administrator spans over 37 years, her proven aptitude for overseeing the administration, planning and management of educational tasks and responsibilities combined with her voracious passion to motivate and stimulate academic excellence, has earned her many awards: Fellow of Chartered Institute of Public Administrators of Nigeria (2018), Nigerian who's who in management intelligence (Oct 2008), Eminent Leadership Merit Award (Sept. 2006), Distinguished Service Award by Public Administrators of Nigeria (2003) Excellent School Administrator UCISS PTA (2006) Award of Excellence Nigerian Student Association of Nigeria. A leader par excellence, she's been saddled with more than a few key leadership positions; Senior School Prefect -Edgerly Memorial Girls Secondary School (1972), Vice President Student Union Government, College of Education Uyo (78/79), NYSC Editorial Board (79/80), Student Union Editorial Board Member, University of Calabar (87/88) Cross River State Government Women Commission Think Tank Committee (98) General Secretary, Oron Development Union Women's Wing (91/92), Financial Secretary, Nigerian Library Association (94/96) Financial Secretary, National Association of Business Educator NABE (94/96) Secretary General and Vice President Oron Development Union Women's Wing (98/02) Vice President Conference of Nigerian University Secondary School, Public Relations Officer University of Hull Alumni etc. A devote Catholic, she is a Knight of Saint John's International, Associate Missionary of St. Paul and patroness to many pious societies in St. Charles Lwanga Parish Essien Town Calabar, Married with 7 children (All Boys) with 5 grandsons.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
FSLCSt. Michael's Catholic School, Ogui, Enugu State19611966
WASSCEEdgerly Memorial Girls Secondary School 19681972
Higher School CertificateMary Knoll Colledge, Ogoja 19731974
NCECollege of Education, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State19761979
B.Sc (Economics Education)University of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River State19861988
M.EdUniversity of Hull, United Kingdom19911994
Ph.DUniversity of Calabar, Calabar20052010

S/N Publication
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Ukpabio, G. E.; & Ekere, S. C. O. (2016). Principals Entrepreneurship Behaviour variables and Institutional Dynamics of Akwa Ibom State Secondary Schools. International Journal of Educational Administration Planning and Research, 8(2), 205-220
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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
Conference of Nigeria University secondary Schools(CONUSS) held at the University of Ilorin, Kwara State.2002-07-102002-07-12
All Nigeria conference of principals of Secondary School (ANCOPSS) theme: Educational attainments and leadership Quality: the Nigeria Experience held at the University of Maiduguri, Bornu State2004-04-182004-04-24
3. Conference of Nigeria University secondary Schools (CONUSS) Held at the University of Calabar secondary School held from 10th- 13th June, 2004.2004-06-102004-06-13
African Center for Contemporary Studies, National conference. Theme: “Developing Education: issues of standards and sustainability in secondary schools in Nigeria” Held at Abuja2004-08-092004-08-11
All Nigeria Conference of principals of secondary Schools (ANCOPSS) with theme: “Divergent Implementation of the UBE policy in the states. Its implication held at Owerri 2005-04-172005-04-22
African Center for contemporary studies, National Conference. Theme: “Developing Education: issues of standards and sustainability in Secondary Schools in Nigeria” held at Abuja2005-09-132005-09-14
Conference of Nigeria University Secondary Schools(CONUSS) held at the University of Lagos2006-03-072006-03-08
4th African Convention of Principals Conference organized by ANCOPSS held at the international conference centre Abuja2006-08-142006-08-18
Nigeria Association for Educational administration and planning (NAEAP) with theme: Access Equity and Quality in higher Education for Nigeria held at ESUT.2006-10-022006-10-06
International Conference of Nigeria Association for Educational administration and planning (NAEAP) held at University of LagosInformation Communication and Technology (ITC)in the management of Skill Orientation education Sub Sector.2007-10-092007-10-13
International conference of Nigeria Association for Educational administration and planning (NAEAP) with the theme: Educational Management Environmental Literacy and Climate Change held at V-Hotels Port-Harcourt 2010-10-262010-10-26
National Conference of Nigeria Association for Educational Administration and Planning (NAEAP) held at EkpomaPotential Challenges to Leadership in Tertiary Education.2011-10-102011-10-14
Nigerian Association of Women Journalist conference (NAWOJ) CRS held at Monty SuitesPresented:Nigerian Women and Challenge of Transformational Leadership.2011-11-302011-12-01
Faculty of Education conference held at the University of Calabar Conference center “Education and contemporary Issues” .2014-06-022014-06-05
2nd Institute of Education conference held at the University of Calabar2014-06-222014-06-25
27th Annual Conference of Curriculum Organization of Nigeria (CON) with the theme: “Assessment of Curriculum in the Millenum Development Goals (MDGs) held at International Conference Center, University of CalabarPotential Challenges to Leadership in Tertiary Education.2014-09-172014-09-20
International business and Educational Conferences Institute, held in New York City, USA. Institutionalizing peace education and peace culture of the post primary school level in Nigeria.2015-08-022015-08-06
Education, A vehicle for values re-orientation: the past, the present and the future. 28th Annual Conference of curriculum Organization of Nigeria2015-09-162015-09-19
34th Annual Conference of Nigerian Association for Educational Administration and planning (NAEP). Polities of Educational policies and programmes in Nigeria, held at University of BeninAccess and equal educational opportunities in Nigeria.2015-10-062015-10-09
University of hull Alumni Reception, held at the Cholmondeley Room and Terrace, House of Lords2016-05-262016-05-26
West East Institute Conference, held at Harvard University, Faculty club, Boston, USA. Principals’ Gender and the Utilization of Legal Provision in Administration of Secondary Schools in Cross River State, Nigeria.2016-08-012016-08-03
Faculty of Education, University of Calabar Conference 2016 theme: Sustainable Development Goals: The Educationist Perspective.Principals awareness of climate change and its impact on secondary schools administration in Cross River State, Nigeria.2016-09-062016-09-01
Gender Studies Association of Nigeria (GSAN) International Conference 2018Implementation Strategies of Gender Responsive Pedagogy for Global Best Practices2018-04-242018-04-28
International Conference of Nigeria Association for Educational administration and planning (NAEAP) with the theme: “Managing Education for sustainable Development in Developing Countries”Educational Planning and Development Planning: Imperatives for Sustainable Macroeconomic Development.2018-09-232018-09-27