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Dr. Ebin Okah Inah


Geography and Environmental Science


Lecturer II


[email protected]

About Dr. Ebin Okah Inah

Dr. Ebin Okah Inah was employed as an academic staff into the Department of Geography and Environmental Science, University of Calabar in 2015 as an Assistant Lecturer. He was upgraded to the rank of Lecturer II in 2016 after obtaining a PhD degree. He attended Cross River State College of Education, Akamkpa, Cross River State, where he obtained his National Certificate in Education in 1998. He was awarded a B.Sc. degree in Geography and Regional Planning in 2005 , M.Sc. degree in Hydrology, Climate and Geomorphological Studies in 2011 and a Ph.D degree in Hydrology in 2016. All the degrees were obtained from the University of Calabar, Calabar. He has published over nine articles in both local and international peer reviewed journals. He has successfully mentored and supervised several undergraduate students projects and has participated in many conferences within Nigeria.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC).Presbytarian Primary School Idomi, Yakurr, Cross River State, Nigeria.19781984
National Certificate in Education (NCE).College of Education Akamkpa, Cross River State, Nigeria.19951998
Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE)St. Bernard Technical College, Obong, Akamkpa, Cross River State, Nigeria.20002000
Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) in Geography and Regional Planning.University of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria.20002005
Masters in Geography and Environmental Science (Hydrology, Climate and Geomorphological Studies) - M. Sc.University of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria.20062011
Doctor of Philosophy in Geography and Environmental Science (Hydrology) - (P.hD).University of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria.20112016

S/N Publication
Ebin,O.I., & Abua, M.A. (2019). Ballast Water Management Control In Calabar River, Nigerian Port Authority,Cross River State Nigeria. International Journal of Scientific And Engineering Research, 10(8), 699-706.
Ebin, O.I. (2019). Seasonal Variations of Streams And Ground Water Quality, Using Quality Index. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, 10(7), 170-179
Ebin, O.I., Efiong, J., & Odunsi, R.E.. (2019). Geo-Spatial Analysis of The Occurrence of Water Borne Diseases Across Yakurr Local Government Area, Cross River State, Nigeria.International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, 10(8), 678-695.
Eja, E. I. & Ebin, I. O. (2019). Evaluating the Activities of Festival on Surface Water Quality in Ugep, Cross River State, Nigeria. Journal of Social Science Studies, 6(2), 86 - 96.
Joel, E., & Ebin, O.I. (2018). Variations in the use and Re-Use of Plastic water Bottle among Socio-economic groups: An example from Calabar municipality, Cross River State,Nigeria. World Environment Journal, 2(1)107-115.
Ebin, O. I., Igelle, E. I., & Uquetan, U. I. (2017). Impacts of human activities on Telem Kokol stream in Ijiman Ward, Yakurr L.G.A of Cross River State, Nigeria. World Environment Journal, 1(1), 38 - 44.
Uquetan, U. I., Igelle, E. I., Egor, A. O., Ebin, I. O., Osang, J. E., & Ekpo, C. M. (2017). Impacts of Climate variables on water yield in Ujama Okpauku River. Yala L.G.A, Cross River State, Nigeria. Elixiv International Journal of Environment and Forestry, 110(1), 48162 - 48167.
Ebin, O. I. & Effiong J. (2017). Assesment of Surface Water Quality in Yakurr Local Government Area, Cross River State, Nigeria, in Ayuba H. K., Iyugo, K. O., Dami, A., Idris, N. M. (Eds). Hydrology and Water Resource Development in Nigeria Abuja: Nigerian Association of Hydrological Sciences, 1(1), 99 - 105.
Ewona, I. O., Osang, J. E. Uquetan, U. I., Ebin, I. O., & Udo, S. O. (2016). Rainfall prediction in Nigeria using neural Networks. International Journalof Science and Engineering Research, 7(1), 1157 - 1169.
Abua, M. A., Essoka, P. A., & Ebin, I. O. (2015). Edaphic influence on Vegetation Zonation in Ibesikpo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, South South, Nigeria. Port Journal of Social Science, 6(1), 1 - 12.
Ekpoh, I. J., Ebin, I. O., & Effiong, J. (2012). The impact of Human activities on Lokpoi stream in Yakurr L.G.A, Cross River State, Nigeria. Multi-disciplinary Journal of Research and Development Perspectives, 1(1), 123 - 141.
Oluyemi, A. A., Ebin, I. O., & Odunsi, R. E. (2007). The effect of Family income and size on volume of household solid waste generation in Calabar Municipality, Cross River State Nigeria. World Environment Journal, 1(1), 144 - 153.

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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
15th Annual Conference of Association of Nigerian Geographers. Geographical perspectives on National Development, University of Lagos Akoka- Yaba, Lagos.Nil.2016-04-102016-04-15