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Mr. Christian Effiong Bassey




Lecturer I


[email protected]

About Mr. Christian Effiong Bassey

Mr. Christian Effiong Bassey is a lecturer 11 in the department of Economics, University of Calabar, Calabar, He holds an MSc in Economics and currently a PH.D student in Economics. He hails from Odukpani Local Government of Cross River State. He joined the services of the University in November, 5th 2010 as an assistant Lecturer. He is a member of the Nigerian Economic Society (NES) and also a member of institute of Operational Research And Management Science of Nigeria {IORMS). His area of research interest is in Development Economics. He has published several articles both in foreign and local journals. E-mail; [email protected], +2347034882592

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S/N Publication
Ifere, E. O., Okoi, O B, and Bassey, C. E (2015). Institutional Quality, Macroeconomic Policy And Economic Development In Nigeria: Journal Of Economics And Development Studies. 3(2),140–145.
Bassey, C.E., And Agba, M. M. (2017). Manufacturing Industries And Export Growth In The Nigerian Economy: International Research Journal Of Marketing And Economics. 4(8),18–32.
Oduneka, A.E., Bassey, C. E. and Eke, C. N (2017). The Dynamics That Affect Implication Of E-Banking Products And Services In Nigeria. International Journal Of Business Management. 3(7),49–63.
Imoh K. I., Udo, A. B And Bassey, C. E. (2016): Impact Of Oil Price Shocks On The Nigerian Economy. Conference organized by Nigerian Association of Energy Economists in Abuja, Nigeria.
Odunneka, A.E. And Bassey, C. E. (2017). The Experiments Of Managing The Nigerian Economy As A Third World Nation: The Role Of Nigeria Economist. International Research Journal Of Management And Commerce. 4(8),456–472.
Ebong, F.S., Udongwo. U And Bassey, C. E. (2016) Sustainable Rural Development In Nigeria: Evidence From Odukpani Local Government Area, Cross River State. Multi-Disciplinary Journal of Research and Development Perspective. 5(2),208-222.
Odock, C. N. And Bassey, C. E. (2017). Political Economy Of Multilateral Economic Cooperation And Third World Development: Lome Conventions And Their Implications For Nigeria. International Journal Of Business And Management Invention. 6(6),52–64.

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Application of Operational Research Tools for Development in Developing CountriesThe conference was hosted in Akwa Ibom State University and it was geared towards the use of Operational tools for development. Many developmental problems in the society can be solved using Operations research. The conference aimed at creating awareness for the use of operational research tools for developing the third world countries. 2002-04-032018-04-03