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Dr. Chris Offong Akpan




Associate Professor


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About Dr. Chris Offong Akpan

Dr. Christopher Offong Akpan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy, University of Calabar. He was employed as a Graduate Assistant in the University of Calabar in October, 2002. He has a B.A. (1st Class Hons.) in Philosophy (2000); M.A (Epistemology) 2005; and Ph.D (Philosophy of Social Science) – 2009 from the University of Calabar. He won the University of Calabar “Best Graduating Student Award 1999/2000 Session; Rev. Dr. Camilus Etuk Udo Award for the “Best Student in Philosophy”; and Madam Magdalene Asuquo Otu’s Award for the Best Student in Religious Studies and Philosophy department 1999/2000 Session. He began his teaching in 2003 with undergraduate programmes and in 2012 he also started teaching post-graduate programmes. He has been teaching many courses since then. He is an Associate Editor of his Departmental Journal and has been engaged severally as a Reviewer in both Local and International Journals. He has successfully mentored and supervised four Ph.D students and four M.A students who have all graduated. He has some who are still on their programmes. He has attended up to ten conferences – both internationally and locally. He has been engaged as a member of the local organizing committees for about four conferences. (i) “Feyerabend’s Epistemological Anarchism and its Implications for African Epistemic Heritage” (an M.A Thesis); (ii) “An appraisal of Asouzu’s principles of Complementary Reflection as a model of Explanation for Social Science” (a Ph.D Thesis) etc. He has collaborated with the like of Prof. A. F. Uduigwomen, Dr. Chris Udofia, Dr. Uti Egbeni, etc, to work on research projects, some which have been published in reputable journals. He is currently engaged in a Research on how to Rehumanize Street Urchins in Calabar Metropolis through Philosophical Counselling. Member, Philosophers Association of Nigeria (PAN); Member, Research International Network (RIN); member, Faculties of Arts and Humanities Scholars Association of Nigerian Universities (FAHSANU); Member, International Society for Development and Sustainability (ISDS). Dr. Christopher O. Akpan currently has 19 articles in reputable foreign journals, 11 articles in locally based Journals; and 17 book chapters. He is an Editor of one Book.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
BA (!st Class Hons) PhilosophyUniversity of Calabar19982001
MA Philosophy (Epistemology)University of Calabar20022005
Ph.D in Philosophy (Philosophy of Social Science)University of Calabar20052009

S/N Publication
Akpan, Chris O., and Samuel A. Bassey “A Critique of the Social Constructionist and Relativistic Cultural Conception of Child Abuse.” International Journal of Humanities and Innovation, vol. 3 no 1, March 2020, pp 11-16.
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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
The Nigerian Philosophical Association 2008 Biennial General Meeting and Conference, University of Calabar Feyerabend’s Philosophy of Science and the Question of Underdevelopment in Africa.2008-10-092010-10-10
Education Trust Fund Research Methodology Capacity Building Workshop for Lecturers of Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria at Bayero University, Kano. Examining the Place of Philosophy in Research2010-05-172010-05-21
International Conference on “Interactions in the History of Philosophy” Held in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Meclis-1 Mebusan Cad, Findikh, Istanbul, TurkeyMan or the Machines – who is in control? A Re–valuation through Philosophical Buffers2013-11-082013-11-09
CALABAR ACADEMIA 2014”: International Conference on “Perspectives in Religion, Terrorism and Development” organized by Researchers International Network. Hosted in University of Calabar in Collaboration with Cross River University of TechnologyAn Eclectic Complementarist Approach to Understanding Religious Violence.2014-10-132014-10-16
Faculty of Arts International Conference, University of Calabar, NigeriaThe Morality of Same-sex Marriage: How not to Globalize a Cultural Anomie.2016-04-122016-04-15
Nigerian Philosophical Association (NPA) Biennial Conference on “Philosophy in Africa Today” held in University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State” Is Child Abuse a Social Construct? A Critique of the Cultural Relativistic Disposition.2016-10-262016-10-28
2nd African Philosophy World Congress held in University of Calabar and jointly hosted by Nnamdi Azikiwe University and The University of Witwatersrand, Theme: The State of African Philosophy in African Today.Narrative Knowledge, Human Development and Contemporary African Philosophy.2017-10-122017-10-14
Faculties of Arts/Humanities Association of Nigerian Universities (FAHANU) ‘UNICAL 2018’ Maiden International Conference Fighting Corruption through Whistle-blowing: A Reflection on an Ethics of Responsibility.2018-04-092018-04-12
Philosophers Association of Nigeria (PAN) Annual Conference and UNESCO World Philosophy Day Celebration, Nigerian Army Resource Centre, Abuja The Menace of the Street Urchin in Nigeria: A Challenge on Philosophical Praxis.2019-11-202019-11-23