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Prof. Chinenye Leo Ochulor






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About Prof. Chinenye Leo Ochulor

Assumed duty as a Lecturer II on the 27th November, 2002 in the Department of Philosophy and rose to the rank of a Professor in 2016. A graduate of Urban Pontificate University in Rome where he bagged a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy in 1984, Professor Chinenye Leo Ochulor also attended University of Calabar where he got a Masters and Ph.D degrees in Philosophy in 1992 and 1998 respectively. A recipient of many awards and honors, Professor Ochulor teaches several courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels which cuts across Traditional and Contemporary Philosophy. As an astute motivational speaker and researcher per excellence, his numerous publications in academic journals and other publication is an eloquent testimony of his intellectual acumen. His research interest spans through Philosophy of Social Science, Metaphysics, Research Projects, Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics and Axiology. His research project for his M.A is Monstesquieu’s Constitutional Principle and Problem of Governance in Nigeria.” For his Ph.D Dissertation, the topic was “Comtean Positivism and Social Engineering in Nigeria: A Marxian Critique.” Presently, the Head, Philosophy Department, a position he assumed in April 2018, Professor Ochulor is a married and dedicated Catholic with an unwavering zest for honesty, probity and accountability. AWARDS / HONOURS:  Nigerian Institute of Management NIM (chartered)  Jerusalem pilgrim (JP)  Ezinihitte Mbaise Students Association (Ezimba), University of Calabar. Certificate of Recognition to Dr. C. L. Ochulor as academic Adviser, Dated 14th February, 2004.

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S/N Publication
Ochulor,C.L.“David Hume’s Denial of Substance:An Evaluation and Criticism” African Journal of Religion, Culture and Society 1.2(2007):115-123.
Ochulor,C.L.“Positivism as Philosophy of Science” NDUNODE:Calabar Journal of Humanities 6.1(2005):124-133.
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Ochulor,C.L.“Principle of Seperation of Powers As Foundation for Good Governance in Nigeria” Calabar Journal of Liberal Studies (CAJOLIS):An Inter-disciplinary Journal 12.1(2009):16-35.
Ochulor,C.L.“ Comtean Positivism and Social Engeering in Nigeria” NDUNODE:Calabar Journal of Humanities 6.1(2005):52-61.
Ochulor,C.L.“Philosophical Analysis of Democracy for Nigeria’s Socio-Economic Development” Global Journal of Social Social Sciences,7.2(2008):51-57

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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
The First International Geological Field .The First International Geological Field Conference on Oban-Obudu Massive South Eastern Nigeria, University of Calabar, 7th – 11th November, 2005. 2005-11-072005-11-11
Education for Sustainable Development.International Seminar,University of Calabar on November 30th, 2006.2006-11-302006-11-30
Machiavellian Philosophy of Wealth Acquisition:A critique.Stanetwork 2007 Youth Summit held at Owerri Nigeria on 3rd November, 2007. 2007-11-032007-11-03
Human Nature and Social Order Contemporary Nigeria.National Biennial Conference of the Nigeria Philosophical Association on a theme: Personhood and Personal Identity, University of Calabar, 9th- 10th October, 2008. 2008-10-092008-10-10
Paper accepted for Oral Presentation: Materialistic Conception of Human Values:A critique. International Journal of Arts and Science (IJAS) Conference for Academic Discipline held at the American University of Rome,October 29th to November 1st 2012. 2012-10-292012-11-01