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Dr. Chimezie N. Emeka




Lecturer II


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About Dr. Chimezie N. Emeka

Chimezie Ndunagum Emeka is a lecturer II in the Department of Geology, Faculty of Physical Science, University of Calabar. His current research focuses on marine geology and sedimentology with special emphasis on sedimentary dynamics of coastal environments. Other fundamental areas of research interest include micropalaeontology, marine geophysics, palaeontology and palaeoclimatology. He holds the following higher educational qualifications: Diploma in Geology (University of Benin, 2001), BSc in Marine Geology (University of Calabar, 2007), MSc in Marine Geology (University of Calabar, 2012), MSc Applied Marine Geosciences (Bangor University, United Kingdom, 2017) and PhD Geology (Sedimentology) (University of Calabar, 2021). Chimezie joined the services of the University of Calabar in 2014 as an Assistant Lecturer. He was promoted to the rank of Lecturer 2 on October 1, 2017 a position which he currently holds. He has served diligently in various capacities in the university including; Examinations Officer (2014 - date), Departmental Examination Committee member (2014 – date), Departmental E-Library chairman, (2019 – 2020) and Departmental Alumni chairman (2019 – 2020). Chimezie has participated in various academic workshops and presented papers in both local and international conferences. He currently has eight academic publications and several others in press. He is a recipient of several awards and fellowships including: ExxonMobil Postgraduate Scholarship Award (2011), NDDC Foreign Postgraduate Scholarship Award (2014) and Kenneth Crandell AAPG Grant-in-Aid Award (2019). He currently participates in teaching and carrying out both field and laboratory-based research in the Department of Geology. He is a member of various professional bodies including: Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research and British Sedimentological Research Group (BSRG), Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE), Nigerian Mining and Geological Society (NMGS), American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG).

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
Diploma in GeologyUniversity of Benin19992001
B.Sc Marine GeologyUniversity of Calabar20032007
M.Sc Marine GeologyUniversity of Calabar20102012
Ph.D Geology (Sedimentology)University of Calabar20132021
M.Sc Applied Marine GeosciencesBangor University20152016

S/N Publication
Itam, A. E., Emeka, V. I., & Emeka, C. N. (2019). Foraminiferal study of Nkporo Shale Exposure, Calabar Flank (SE Nigeria): age and depositional environment. Journal of Sedimentary Environments, 4(4), 369–378.
Itam, A. E., Una, E. E., Udoh, M. U., Okon, D., Emeka, C. N., Emeka, V. I., & Ikpeme, E. (2019). Palynological evaluation of Cretaceous sediments of Ekenkpon Shale, Calabar Flank, southeastern Nigeria. Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research, 6(7), 156–164
Obi, D., Awatt, M., & Emeka, C. N. (2018). Ground Magnetic Prospecting in Parts of the Calabar Flank Sedimentary Basin and Environs, South-South Nigeria. Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International, 16(1), 1–9.
Ebong, E. D., Akpan, A. E., Emeka, C. N., & Urang, J. G. (2016). Groundwater quality assessment using geoelectrical and geochemical approaches: case study of Abi area, southeastern Nigeria. Applied Water Science.
Akpan, A. E., Ebong, E. D., & Emeka, C. N. (2015). Exploratory assessment of groundwater vulnerability to pollution in Abi, southeastern Nigeria, using geophysical and geological techniques. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 187(4), 1–18.
Ukpong, A. J., Ikediasor, C. K., Emeka, C. N., & Emeka, V. E. (2015). Tidal influence on foraminifera distribution in a typical mesotidal river: a case study of the Great Kwa River, southeastern Nigeria. International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research, 6(7), 889–897
Antia, V. I., Emeka, C. N., Ntekim, E. E. U., & Amah, E. A. (2012). Grain size distribution and flow measurements in Qua-Iboe River estuary. European Journal of Scientific Resesarch, 67(2), 223–239.
Emeka, C. N., Antia, V. I., Ukpong, A. J., Amah, E. A., & Ntekim, E. E. U. (2010). A study on the sedimentology of tidal rivers: Calabar and Great Kwa, S. E. Nigeria. European Journal of Scientific Research, 47(3), 370–386

S/N Grant Currency/Amount Grantor Date
Kenneth Crandell AAPG Grant-in Aid Award 2019$ 3000Kenneth Crandell 2019-02-14

S/N Conference Description Started Finished
3rd International Conference on Oceanography, Philadelphia, USAHydro-physico-chemistry of Cross River estuary, SE Nigeria2015-06-222015-06-24
U6+ Initiative for Development 7th International Consortium Conference tagged “Harnessing Africa’s Potentials in Science Technology and Humanities for Sustainable Development” Held at the University of CalabarA study on the Hydrochemistry and Grain Size Distribution of Bottom Sediments of Calabar River, Southeast Nigeria, West Africa2019-09-022019-09-06