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Prof. Chibueke Haggai Njoku


Internal Medicine




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About Prof. Chibueke Haggai Njoku

Venerable Professor Chibueze Haggai Njoku had his MBBS degrees from the University of Nigeria Nsukka in 1981. He became a Fellow of the West African College of Phisicians (FWACP) in 1995. He has received some training in Medical Education-August 2013 Organized by UsmanuDanfodiyo University/Teaching Hospital Sokoto, October 2017 organized by West African College of Physicians in collaboration with the Royal College of Physicians as Doctors as Educators and in April 2018 by the same body was further trained as a trainer. In July 2017 , he received training in Research and Publication Ethics organized by University of Calabar in collaboration with Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. He received several managerial and clinical competence trainings while serving as the Head of the HIV?AIDS programme in Sokoto. He has held the position of Consultant Physician from1996-full time at UsmanuDanfodiyo University Teaching Hospital Sokoto, University of Calabar Teaching Hospital and University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (sabbatical); visiting at Specialist Hospital Sokoto and Federal Medical Centre BirninKebbi. He was employed by UsmanuDanfodiyo University Sokoto as a Lecturer 1 in 1996 and rose to the rank of Professor in 2007. He transferred and merged his services to the University of Calabar with effect from May 2014. Has held the post of HOD medicine in UDUS/UDUTH, Deputy Provost (clinicals) UDUS and acting Provost in the same university. He was head of HIV/AIDS program in UDUTH Sokoto for several years. He was MDCAN chairman at UDUTH (2002-2005). He headed the NMA disciplinary committee in Sokoto at the same period. He was member of UDUTH ethical committee (1998-2004) and chaired the ethical committee of the College of Health Sciences UDUS in 2004. He was chairman of MDCAN advisory committee of promotions at UDUTH Sokoto (2013-2014). He was a member of UDUTH Journals Management Committee that looked after three peer reviewed journals. He was member and sometimes chairman of many other committees in the same university and hospital. In Calabar, he chaired the MDCAN committees on Best Practice In Laboratory And Post Graduate Accreditation. He was nominated into the Senate Examination Result Vetting Committee in Calabar. He is the head of the Research Committees of both the Department Of Internal Medicine And Faculty Of Medicine. He has been the Head of the Sub-specialty of Pulmonology of the Faculty of Internal Medicine of the West African College of Physicians since January 2015. He has served in many accreditation panels to several teaching hospitals in the country. He was a member of the West African Health Organisation Health Committee for the Harmonization of the Curricula of the Post Graduate Programs in Pulmonology of the different Colleges in the sub-region. He has forty-six publications in peer reviewed journals both local and international. He has co-supervised four Ph.Dsin varied fields of Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Parasitology and Chemical Pathology. He has also co-supervised two masters degrees in Biochemistry, four people for Masters in Public Health and two fellows in Pulmonology. He has been an external examiner to the following Universities: ABU Zaria, Jos, Ilorin, Benin, UNN, Ebonyi state University and currently University of Port-Harcourt He has been an assessor to several Universities: one in the north west, one in the north east, one in the north central, two in the south west, and one in the south east. He has served as a referee to many journals. He is an editorial consultant to six journals (four in Sokoto and two in Calabar). He is an Anglican Priest and rose to the rank of Archdeacon in 2013.

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