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Dr. Charles Cyprain Mfem




Associate Professor


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About Dr. Charles Cyprain Mfem

Dr Charles C. Mfem is an Associate Professor of Physiology. He attended primary school, Ambo street, Calabar and finished in the year 1981. He went further to do his secondary education at St Brendan's Secondary school iyamoyong and completed in 1986. he was then admitted into the university of Calabar in the Dept of Physiology Unical where he graduated with a (Hons) degree in 1992. Mfem also got admission to do Masters degree in Physiology and finished in 2001. He also went further to gain admission to do his Phd programme in Physiology department, University of calabar, Calabar. the Phd programme was completed in 2009.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
First school leaving certificate (FSLC)primary school, ambo St Calabar19751981
West African School Certificate (WAEC)St, Brendan Secondary School Iyamoyong19811986
West African School Certificate (WAEC)school of basic studies, akamkpa19871988 (Hons) PhysiologyUniversity of calabar, calabar19881992 PhysiologyUniversity of calabar, calabar19992001
P.hD Neurophysiologyuniversity of calabar, calabar20022009

S/N Publication
Mfem CC and Seriki SA. (2021). Impact of amitriptyline on learning and memory. Insight on the Depression and Anxiety, 5: 009-015.
Mfem CC, Seriki SA and Oyama SE (2021). Effects of Heavy Metal Toxicity on Anxiety Disorder. Journal of Biomedical Research and Environmental Sciences. 2(8):600-668.
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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
Amadu Bello University. Zaria physiological society of Nigeria (PSN)changes in serum liver enzymes, electrolytes and histology of liver and kidney in rats treated with vernonie amygdalina 2000-07-052000-07-08
Amadu Bello University. Zaria physiological society of Nigeria (PSN)growth curves of children in Calabar2000-07-052000-07-05
physiological society of Nigeria (PSN) University of portacourtPhytochemistry of Rothmania hispida and its effect on electrolytes fragility in rats2005-09-152005-09-15
physiological society of Nigeria (PSN) Benue State University makurdicomparative effect of chronic consumption of fresh and thermoxidized palm oil in mice2009-06-102009-06-12
physiological society of Nigeria (PSN) University of Nigeria Nsukalocomotor behaviour and anxiety in CD1 mice following treatment magnesium sulphate and Diazepam2015-09-162015-09-18