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Mr. Asukwo Essien Itam




Lecturer II


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About Mr. Asukwo Essien Itam

Mr Asukwo Essien Itam is a lecturer II in the Department of Geology, Faculty of Physical Science, University of Calabar. His current research focuses on micropaleontology and sedimentology with special emphasis on palynology. Other fundamental areas of research interest include petroleum, stratigraphy, sequence stratigraphy, sedimentology, geochemistry, marine geology, macro paleontology and palaeoclimatology. He holds the following higher educational qualifications:), BSc in Geology (University of Calabar, 2005 ), MSc in Micropaleontology (University of Calabar, 2014), and PhD Micropaleontology In view (University of Calabar,). CItam Asukwo joined the services of the University of Calabar in 2008 as a Graduate Assistantr. He was upgraded to the position of AssistantLecturer ( 2014). He was promoted to the rank of Lecturer II on October 1, 2017, a position which he currently holds. He has served diligently in various capacities in the university including Assistant Undergraduate Seminar Coordinator (2008- 2014 ) Departmental Fieldwork Secretary (2010 -2014) Pre- Degree Quality Assurance Control (2012- 2017) Member Departmental Fieldwork Committee (2014 - date) Examination Officer for 2016/ 2017 Session (2016 till date) Secretary Departmental Alumni Committee (2019 - date) Supervision of Undergraduate Thesis (2017/2018, 2018/2019,2019/2020 Session). Itam Asukwo has participated in different academic workshops and presented papers in both local conferences. He currently has twenty-three academic publications and several others in the press. Itam is a recipient of several awards and fellowships including the University of Calabar Study Fellowship Award, 2009-/2013, Best Geology Graduating Student Of Calabar 2003/2004, University Scholarship Award (2000-2003), Federal Government of Nigeria Scholarship (2001/2002), Best overall CGPA class score (1999/2000; 2001/2002; 2002/2003 _and Geology Scholar of the Year (2004) Mr Itam is currently participating in teaching and carrying out both field and laboratory-based research in the Department of Geology. He is a member of various local and international professional bodies include: Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG), Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE), Nigerian Mining and Geological Society (NMGS), American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC)ST Peter”s Primary School, Ikot Offiong Ambai, Akpabuyo L.G.A, Cross River State Title of qualification awarded19831989
West African Certificate ExaminationHope Waddell Traininig Institution ,Calabar, Cross River State19901995
BSc (Hons) Geology (2nd Class Upper Division)University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria 20002004
MSc Micropaleontology University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria 20082014
PhD Geology (Micropaleontology) (INVIEW)University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria20142021

S/N Publication
Asukwo Essien Itam, Victoria Inyang Emeka & Chimezie Ndunagum Emeka ( 2019). Foraminiferal Study of Nkporo Shale Exposures, Calabar Flank Age and Depositional Environment. Journal of Sedimentary Environments. 369-378. 4 (4)
Asukwo Essien Itam; Edak Efiom; Samuel Augustine Ikpe ; Maurice Petter Effiong; Wisdom Joseph Usoro; Michael Okon Umoh and Michael Ekuru Omeka ( 2019). Textural Characterization of Beach Sediments Along Ibeno Beach: A Sector of Atlantic Ocean, South Eastern, Nigeria. International Journal of Innovative Research in Education, Technology & Social Strategies, 122-133 6 (1)
Bassey Etim Job; Magdalene Egbe Mboto & Asukwo Essien Itam (2019). Preliminary Studies on the Ecology and Diversity of Zooplankton of Tinapa Lake Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. Researcher Scientific Journal, 71 -78. 11 (11)
Asukwo Essien Itam ; Eno-Obong Effiong Una ; Monday Udofia Udoh; David Okon Inyang; Chimeizie Ndunagum Emeka ; Victoria Inyamg Emeka & Elizabeth Ikpeme Bassey ( 2019 ). Palynological Evaluation of Cretaceous Sediments of Ekenkpon Shale, Calabar Flank, Southeastern Nigeria. Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research, 156-164. 6(7)
Oyong A. Oyonga, Asuquo.E. Itam, & Emem. N. Etete (2018). Petrophysical Evaluation of Total Organic Carbon Content (TOC) in Agbada Formation, Niger Delta Basin. Global Scientific Journal. 324-329. 6(2)
Una, E.E; Itam, A, E; Udoh, M.M. and Inyang, D.O. (2017). Biostratigraphic and Paleoenvironmental Study of Outcrop Samples Exposed Along Calabar Odukpani Junction in Calabar Flank, Southeastern Nigeria. International Basic and Applied Research Journal 1-9. 3(10)
Itam Asukwo Essien; Inyang David Okon; Tasie Leslie Bekweri and Akpan Etie Ben (2017). Quantitative Analysis of Palynomorphs from Neogene Deposits in Calabar Flank: Implication for Paleoenvironmental Interpretation. Annual Research & Review in Biology. 21 (1):1 -11
Asukwo Essien Itam; Monday Udofia Udoh, and David Okon (2017). Palynostratigraphic Study of Pamol Shale Deposits, Calabar Flank, Southeastern (2017). Nigeria. International Basic and Applied Research Journal 3(11):1- 10
Asukwo Essien Itam, Monday Udofia Udoh and David Okon Inyang. (2017). Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy and Paleoenvironmental study of MR-Well, Southeastern Niger Delta, Nigeria. International Basic and Applied Research Journal 3 (3): 1-15.
Osunrinde Oludele Taiwo, Monday Udofia Udoh, David Okon Inyang and Asukwo Essien Itam (2017). Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation of Olu Oilfield Sediments, Offshore Niger Delta, Nigeria. International Basic and Applied Research Journal. 3(2):1-15
Itam, A. Essien; Inyang , D. Okon; Effiong, M. Petter; Ukot, M. Amos and Udoaka, E. Okon. (2017).Textural characteristics of sediments along the Qua Iboe River /Estuary Bank, South East Nigeria. International Journal of Recent Trends in Engineering & Research. 3(01):198-207
Essien, Nse Udo; Itam, Asukwo Essien; Oyama, Adams and Obim, V. N (2017). Pebble morphometric analysis is of the Basal Section of the Awi Formation ,Calabar Flank, Southeast Nigeria. International Journal of Recent Trends in Engineering & Research. 3 (01):208-218
V. N. Obim, O. A. Oyonga and A. Itam (2016). The use of geoelectrical method for preliminary investigation of quartz deposits Oban Okorba Southeastern Nigeria. The use of geoelectrical method for preliminary investigation of quartz deposits ban Okorba Southeastern Nigeria, 9-(12) :24 -28
Asukwo E. Itam, David O. Inyang, Umana S. Umana, Etie B. Akpan and Efosa Udinmwen (2016). Palynostratigraphy of Lemna Road Transect of Benin Formation, Calabar Flank ,Nigeria. Asian Journal of Physical Science. Sciencedomain International. 1(1): 1-9
D. O. Inyang; D. O. Ikoro; A. E. Itam and U. S. Umana. (2016). Palymological analysis of T –Well located South- Western Niger Delta: Implication in age and paleoenvironment. Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International. Scincedomain International. 8(3):1-9
Osabor, V. N. and Itam, A. E. (2016). Paleoenvironmental interpretation of clay deposits within Odukpani , Southeastern Nigeria. International Journal of Recent Trends in Engineering & Research. 2(12): 87-93
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D. O. Inyang; A.E. Itam and E.E. Okon (2014). Granulometry and pebble morphometry of an exposed section of the Benin Formation around Okurikang and environs, Southeastern Nigeria. International Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences 9,.(12) 45 – 52

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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
Nigerian Mining and Geosicence SocietyNil2010-03-102010-03-15
National water Resources Capacity Building Network,Calabar,2012nil2012-06-012012-06-03
Nigeria Association of Petroleum Explorationist, NAPE Mini Conference for Tertiary InstitutionPebble morphometric analysis is of the Basal Section of the Awi Formation, Calabar Flank, Southeast Nigeria2016-08-082016-08-11
Nigerian Mining and Geosicence SocietySedimentary textural characteristics and palynological analysis of2017-03-262017-03-31