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Mr. Akpama Egwu Egong


Radiography and Radiological Sciences


Assistant Lecturer


[email protected]

About Mr. Akpama Egwu Egong

Akpama E. Egong, is an Imaging Scientist/Radiographer enthusiastic about collaborative research within the domain of medical and radiation sciences especially in Radiography and Radiological Science, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and physics, with wealth of knowledge and practical experience in Radiographic and Radiologic procedures / modalities. He is always keen and balance in achieving results in challenging working background with pleasure in serious steer for professional excellence, proficiency, distinction and integrity through dedication and hard work.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
FSLCPresbyterian Primary School, Adim19871992
WASSC Government Senior Science School, Akamkpa 19931999
B.Sc (Hons) Radiography University of Calabar 20052010
Post-Graduate Certificate in Computed Tomography (CT) University of Ilorin 20112011
M.Sc Medical Imaging Science(Imaging Physics) University of Calabar 20162018

S/N Publication
Samson, P., Udoh, B., Archibong, B., Egong, A. E., Erim, A., Ukpong, E., Ani, C., Ijever, W., Okoro, U. & Agbo, G. (2020). Requesting physician knowledge of x-radiation exposure from CT scan examinations. A case study of two Nigerian tertiary hospitals. Calabar Journal of Health Sciences, 3: 36-39.
Udoh, B. E., Erim, A. E., Paulinus, S. O., Eru, E. M., Ukpong, E.V., Efanga, I., Archibong, B. E., Egong, A. E., Udo, E. E., & Egbe, N.O. (2020). Effects of Cyperus esculentus (Tiger Nut) Extract on the Irradiated Testes of Wistar Rats. Tropical Journal of Natural Product Research, 4(11),966-969.
Udoh, B. E., Archibong, B. E. & Egong, A. E. (2019). Sonographic Assessment of Heel Pad Thickness in Patients With Poorly Controlled Diabetes. Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, 35(5), 374–379.
Archibong, B.E., Ntuen, E.E. and Egong, A.E. Eliciting Child Patient Cooperation in Paediatric Radiography with Inducement Devices. Journal of Association of Radiographers of Nigeria, 2015;29 (1): 9-13
Archibong, B.E., Ntuen, E.E. & Egong, A.E. (2015). Eliciting Child Patient Cooperation in Paediatric Radiography with Inducement Devices. Journal of the Association of Radiographers of Nigeria, 29(1), 9-13.
Egbe NO, Egong AE, Ekpo EU, Inah GB. A Reduction in Radiographic Exposure and Image Quality in Film Screen Postero-anterior Chest Radiography. Nigerian Journal of Medicine, 21(1):21 – 24, 2012.
Egbe, N.O., Egong, E.A., Ekpo, E.U., & Inah, G.B. (2012). A reduction in radiographic exposure and image quality in film screen postero-anterior (PA) chest radiography. Nigeria Journal of Medicine, 21(1),21-4.

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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
50th Annual International Conference/Scientific Workshop of the Association of Radiographers of Nigeria (ARN). Theme: Evolution in RADIOGRAPHY PRACTICE: Obligation of Practitioners and the Public. Held in Kado, Abuja, Nigeria.Requesting Physician knowledge of X-radiation Exposure from Computed Tomography (CT) scan Examinations: A case study of two Nigerian Tertiary Hospital2018-11-192018-11-25
U6+ Initiative for Development – 7th INTERNATIONAL CONSORTIUM CONFERENCE, CALABAR, 2019, certificate of participation tagged “Harnessing Africa’s Potentials in Science Technology and Humanities for Sustainable Development” Held at the Univers2019-09-022019-09-06