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Mrs. Ukaegbu Eunice Kingsley


Linguistics and Communication Studies


Assistant Lecturer


[email protected]

About Mrs. Ukaegbu Eunice Kingsley

Mrs Eunice Ukaegbu was employed to the services of the University of Calabar on the 1st of December 2014 as a Graduate Assistant. She holds a B.A (Hons) in Linguistics from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and a Masters’ in Linguistics from University of Calabar, Calabar, where she is currently running a Ph.D. programme in Linguistics. She teaches Introduction to Phonology, Generative Phonology, Phonemic Analysis, Topics in Phonology, Writing System/Orthography design, and dialectology in the University. As a graduate student and lecturer, she has attended many local and International conferences and has served as a member of the organizing committee in some of them. She has done many researches in the field of Phonology and Phonemic Analysis, notable is her work on the Phonology of Khohumono, from which she was recognized for the first known proposal of Orthography for Khohumono language. She has collaborated with scholars such as Prof. Offiong Ani Offiong, Dr. Godwin Iwuchukwu, and others. Eunice is a member of many professional organizations such as; The Linguistics Association of Nigeria (LAN), African Council for Communication Education (ACCE), Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), and Faculty of Arts/Humanities Association of Nigeria Universities (FAHANU). She is visible online on such platforms like linkedIn, google scholar, facebook, etc. and has publications in Books and reputable local and international journals.

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S/N Publication
Ukaegbu, E. K., Offiong, A. O., (2018). A reconderation of the Igbo Phonemic consonant Chart, in Offiong, O. A. (ed.) Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol. 1(1) Pp. 45-57. Calabar : University of Calabar press.
Ukaegbu, E. K. (2018). Participatory Communication as an Essential tool in Orthography Development: A Cross–Linguistic Survey in Mensah, E. O.(ed) International Journal of Linguistics and Communication, vol 5(1) pp: 159 -175. Calabar: University of Calabar Press.
Ukaegbu. E. K. (2018). The impact of linguistic differences, Religion and false information on the 2015 election results in Nigeria, in Mogu, F.(ed.) LWATI: A Journal of Contemporary research, vol 15(1); pp.115 – 129. Beijing: Universal Academic Services.
Ukaegbu, E. K. (2018). The Role of Language in Human Conflict: The Pragmatic implication of statements; in Mogu, F. (ed) LWATI: Journal of contemporary research; vol 15(2) pp. 131 – 144. Beijing: Universal Academic Services.
Etu, M. R., Otakore, G. A., Njoku, E. C. (2016). The use and Impact of Indigenous (minority) Languages in voter education in the 2015 elections in Cross River State, in International Journal of Linguistics & Communications. Pp. 192 – 201. Calabar: Clear line Publications Ltd.
Iwuchukwu, G.C.S, Njoku, E.C. (2015). Language, Literacy and Poverty Alleviation Measures in Nigeria, in Okom, P.M; Ozumba, G., Ugbe, R. O., Lukpata, V. & Ijor S., (eds.) Nigeria’s Political Economy and the Courtship with Poverty: A compendium of Readings in honor of Prof. Patrick Utomi. Pp.84 – 100. Lagos: PUMOH Prints Concept.

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The 17th National Conference of the African Council for Communication Education (ACCE) held at the University of Calabar, Calabar from October 20-23, 2015.2015-10-202015-10-23
The 28th Annual Conference of the Linguistic Association of Nigeria (LAN) held at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka from the 2nd -6th November, 2015.2015-11-022015-11-06
The premier edition of the Faculty of Arts International Conference, University of Calabar, Calabar from the 13th to 15th April, 2016.2016-04-132016-04-15
The 30th Annual Conference of the Linguistic Association of Nigeria (LAN) held at the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Rumuolumeni, Port Harcourt, from the 4-8th of December, 2017.2017-12-042017-12-08
The Maiden International Conference of the Faculty of Arts/Humanities Association of Nigeria Universities (FAHANU) held at the University of Calabar, Calabar from the 10th -13th day of April, 2018.2018-04-102018-04-13