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Dr. Ufford Ikike Inieke


Theatre and Media Studies


Senior Lecturer


[email protected]

About Dr. Ufford Ikike Inieke

Dr. Ufford, Ikike Inieke has a Diploma in Theatre Arts, a B.A. Theatre Arts, an M.A. in Performing Arts and a Ph.D in Dance and Performance from the University of Ibadan. His research areas of interest are Choreography, Dance, Performance Aesthetics and Ethno-musicology. He was employed in the University of Calabar on 19th June, 2003 having worked in the Council for Arts and Culture, Akwa Ibom State and Cross River State respectively. Dr. Ufford, Ikike teaches Musicology, Choreography and Kinesthetic, Traditional African Theatre, and Dance Arts at the Undergraduate level in the Department of Theatre, Film and Carnival Studies. He has publications in local and international Journals and is also a member of several Professional Associations such as Society of Nigeria Theatre Artists (SONTA), Guild of Nigerian Dancers (GOND), National Association of Nigeria Theatre Arts practitioners (NANTAP), and Association of Dance Scholars of Nigeria (ADSPON) amongst others. He has attended several national and international Academic Conferences where he presented papers in his areas of specialization.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
FSLCST. James Primary School, Uyo19791984
SSCE Uyo High School19851992
Dip TAUniversity of Uyo19961997
B. A. (Theatre Arts) University of Uyo19971999
N.Y.S.C certificateN.Y.S.C 19992000
M.A (Performing Arts) University of Calabar20002002
PhD(Dance and PerformanceUniversity of Ibadan, Ibadan 20132018

S/N Publication
Ufford I. I. (2014) Evaluating dance and music and OgonnaAgu’sCry of a Maiden Metaphors and Climax. Reminiscence in honour of OgonnaAgu. Eds. C. Nwadigwe and MolintaEnendu and CarniceNwosu. London: Adonis & Abbey publishers limited, 225-242.
Ufford-Azorbo, T. and Ufford, I. I. (2014) Body rythmicity and BakareOjoRasaki’s. TheDeformedCan Also Dance: Democratizing dance practice in a democratized Nigeria. Uncommon Artistry: Understanding Bakare; Oyo Rasaki’s Dance, Drama and Theatre. Eds. Abdul Rasheed, A. Adeoye, Solomon Ejeke and EtopAkwang. Great Britain: SPM Publications: an imprint of Sentinel Writing and Publishing Company Limited, 478-489
Ufford, I. I. (2014) Puppet technology and children education. Technology and Education in the 21st Century vol. 1 Eds. Eno-AbasiUrua, InyangUdofot and Happiness Udok. Uyo: Fruities publication, 168-173.
Ufford, I. I. (2013) Tradition and modernity in Ebre Dance. Ibom Cultural Offerings. Arts, Crafts and Performances, Ed. Effiong Johnson. Cape Coast Ghana: University of Cape Coast Press, 216-224
Ufford, I. I. (2011) The art of dance: a critical appraisal of concepts and movement” Applause: Journal of Theatre and Media Studies 2 (1), 105-112.
Ufford, I. I. (2011) Dance and society: matters arising. Parnassus University of Uyo Journal of Cultural Research 7, 247-265.
Ufford, I. I. (2010) The relationship between music and dance. Theatre Studies Review. A Journal of Theory, Criticism, Aesthetics, Administration, History and Practice of Theatre Arts Ed. Chris Nwamuo 6 (1),74-85.
Ufford, I. I.(2010) An examination of the controversial marriage of music and dance in contemporary Nigerian performances. Dance Journal of Nigeria: A Publication of the Association of Dance Scholars and Practitioners of Nigeria 1 (1), 78-90.
Ufford, I. I. &Apeh, C. (2009) Choreographers in search of a Versatile Modern Dancer. The PARNASSUS University of Uyo Journal of Cultural Research 5, 205-211.
Ufford, I. I. (2007) Personality, feminism and the Nigerian woman in Ahmed Yerimah’s the portrait. Making images, Remaking Life: Art and Life in Ahmed Yerimah. Eds. UwemedimoAtakpa& Stephen Inegbe. Uyo: Modern Press, 196-208
Ufford, I. I. (2005) Dance in drama. The Art of Acting Ed. Effiong Johnson. Uyo: Concept Publication, 261-275

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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
A 4-day workshop on Staff Development in the Council for Arts & Culture, AkwaIbom State, 29th October – 1st November 2007.2007-10-292007-11-01
Dance and the Dancer Seminar III, November 5 ,2009 Organized by Dance Ville. The Image of a Dancer. 2009-11-052009-11-05
Annual Conferenceof the Society of Nigerian Theatre Artists (SONTA) Department of Theatre and Media Studies University of Calabar, Calabar 12th – 15th September, 2012. Papers presented: • Redesigning Traditional Dances for Effective Patronage: A Good Dance of Nnam Experience. IkikeUfford and Chris Agibe. • Trends in Asian Uboikpa Dance Theatre of the Ibibio People – Ifure- Azorbo and Ufford, Ikike.2012-09-122012-09-15
1st Nigerian Dance Scholars Round Table Discussion –Theme – The Challenges of Dance Scholarship and Practice in Nigeria. April 26-28 2013 National Troupe of Nigeria, Lagos. 2013-04-262013-04-28
First Faculty of Arts International Conference (FAICON 2014), University of Uyo. July 9-12, 2014. ”Evaluating ‘Uyai’ Dance as An Avenue for Job Creation.”2014-07-092014-07-12