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Dr. Theophilus Ipeh Ugbem




Lecturer I


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About Dr. Theophilus Ipeh Ugbem

Dr Ugbem Theophilus Ipeh is a Consultant Paediatric Pathologist with the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, Calabar and a Lecturer 1 with the College of Medicine, University of Calabar. He graduated from the college of Medicine in 2004 and completed his residency in the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital and became a fellow of Pathology of the Nigerian Postgraduate College of Medicine in 2015. He also has a second class upper division; Bachelor of Science degree in Human Anatomy which he obtained from the University of Calabar in 1996. He is an astute scholar with a passion for teaching and research. As a graduate assistant in Human Anatomy, Faculty of Basic Medical science, he taught Gross Anatomy, Embryology, Histology ,Neuroanatomy and Practical Anatomy to undergraduate students of Allied Health, Basic Medical and Medical students . He is currently teaching preclinical medical students General, Systemic and Practical Pathology in College of Medicine, University of Calabar. He has been the coordinator of Mortuary and Museum Training programme in University of Calabar Teaching Hospital since 2016 till date. He has over thirty published scholarly article with special interest in Paediatric Pathology, Gastrointestinal Pathology, Soft Tissues Tumor, Musculoskeletal and Forensic Pathology. He is a member of the Nigerian Medical Association and College of Nigerian Pathologists.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
F.S.L.CArmy Children Primary School, Ikeja Cantonment, Lagos Nigeria19791983
W.A.S.CArmy Children High School, Ikeja cantonment, Lagos, Nigeria19831988
B.Sc(H.Anat)University of Calabar, Calabar Cross River State Nigeria.19901994
M.B.B.ChUniversity of Calabar and University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, Calabar.Cross River State Nigeria.19962004
FMCpathNational Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria.20062015

S/N Publication
Isiwele , E.M., Ugbem, T. I., Azeke, T.A., (2019). Granular Cell Tumor of the Scrotum in a Black African: Case Report of A very Rare Condition. Current Trends Medical Surgery Urology, 1, 102.
Bassey, B.I.E., Ugbem,T.I., Uwem, O., Akpan, U.O., Anyanwu, S.O., & Glen, E.E et al. (2019). Overcoming Barriers in Conducting a Transatlantic Prostate Cancer Familial Study in Africa: Best Practice from the CaPTC Cohort Study. Cancer Health Disparities, 2, e1-9.
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S/N Grant Currency/Amount Grantor Date
To carry out research on the risk factors of prostate cancer in black men.NGN2,000,000 .00Prostate Cancer Transatlantic Consortium (CAPTC) Nigeria Pilot Grant2017-03-10
Expression of carcinoembryonic antigen cytokeratin 8 and 18 among colorectal cancer patients in University of Calabar Teaching HospitalNGN1,700 000 .00Prof. Martins Nnoli2019-08-15

S/N Conference Description Started Finished
TSL Workshops in Diagnostic Histopathology2012-11-202012-11-21
Prostate Cancer Transatlantic Consortum(CAPTC) Research Training Workshop2017-03-082017-03-09
The 10th MDCAN Biennial Delegates Meeting Calabar 2017-08-212017-08-26
National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria, ASCAF 20182018-08-122018-08-17
International Workshop on Forensic Medicine: Death and Investigation.2018-11-052018-11-07
MDCAN,UCTH Calabar,Annual General Conference and Scientific Conference 20182018-12-062018-12-07
The 3rd Annual International Workshop and Symposium:Improving Breast Cancer Management & Outcomes in Africa2019-08-192019-08-22