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Vocational Education


Assistant Lecturer


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She was employed as Graduate Assistant into the department of Vocational Education, University of Calabar, Calabar in December 17th 2013 and was later upgraded to the rank of Assistant Lecturer in July 30th 2018. She obtained her first school leaving certificate from kusaki nursery and primary Gboko, Benue State in 1993 and proceeded for her secondary education at Bristow Secondary School Gboko, Benue State; but due to circumstances she had to re-enroll at Barakur peoples’ comprehensive college, Ichol Nyiev-Tiev, Benue State where she finally cleared her papers qualifying her to obtained a suitable Senior School Certificate in the year 2006. In the process of time, she proceeded to Federal College of Education Obudu, Cross River State for the Nigeria Certificate in Education and graduated in 2003. In her quest for knowledge, she proceeded to University of Maiduguri, Borno State where she obtained her first degree certificate in Agricultural Education in the year 2011 and went further for her post graduate programme at University of Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State where she obtained her Masters of Science Education (M. Sc. (ed) in Agricultural Education in the year 2018. She has taught various agricultural education courses at different levels of the undergraduate programme and has attended various educational (academic) conferences as well as published in various academic journals. She is a member of Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) and Association of Vocational and Technical Education of Nigeria (AVTEN).

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
FSLCKusaki Nursery and Primary Gboko, Benue State19871993
NCEFederal College of Education, Obudu, Cross-River State20002003
B.Sc. Ed (Agric.)University of Maiduguri, Maiduguri, Borno State20072011
M.Sc. (Ed) Agricultural EducationUniversity of Uyo, Uyo; Akwa-Ibom State20140

S/N Publication
Offiong, A. A.; Robert, S. P. and Bishie-Unung, S. S. (2018). Agricultural Contract Farming: An Approach for Agricultural Diversification in Post Oil-Boom Economy. Journal of Community and Communication Research, (JCCR). 3(1), 1-4.
Offiong, A. A. and Bishie-Unung, S. S. (2018). Educating Out-to-School Youths on Technological Innovations in Agriculture for Sustainable Food Production in Central Agro-ecological Zone of Cross River State Nigeria. Journal of Education. 10(1), 132-141.
Okon, U. A.; Bishie-Unung, S. S. and Agbor, G. E. (2017). Re-training Skill Needs for Agricultural Science Teachers and Animal Husbandry Trade Curriculum Implementation in Secondary Schools. International Journal of Educational Benchmark (IJEB). 8(2), 88-95.
Adie, L. A. and Bishie-Unung, S. S. (2017). Models for Transmitting Technology in the Livestock Industry to Rural Farmers in Northern Cross River State. International Journal of Vocational Education, (IJOVED). 7(1), 271-278.
Nsa, S. O.; Offiong, A. A.; Robert, S. P. and Bishie-Unung, S. S. (2016). Adoption of Non-Governmental Organisations’ Technological Packages by Arable Crop Farmers for Improved Production in Akwa Ibom State. Journal of Nigerian Association of Teachers of Technology (JONATT). 11(1), 131-148
Offiong, A. A.; Usoro, H.; Bishie-Unung, S. and Udoma, E. S. (2016). Quality Assurance in Nigerian Tertiary Education System and Employability of Programme Products. Journal of Sustainable Education (JOSE). 7(1). 278-297
Okeme, I. and Bishie-Unung, S. S. (2015). Quality-Assurance Ability of Lecturers of Agricultural Education in Developing Psycho-Productive Multiple Choice Items in Animal Science in Colleges of Education in Cross River State, Nigeria. Global Advance Research Journal of Agricultural Science. 4(8), 391-395.

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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
 5th Annual National Conference on Education 2016 organised by Faculty of Education University of Uyo,Uyo Akwa Ibom state.Education and Economic Diversification for Self-Reliance in Nigeria2016-06-012016-06-06