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Dr. Romanus Agianpuye Aboh


English & Literary Studies


Senior Lecturer


[email protected]

About Dr. Romanus Agianpuye Aboh

Dr. Aboh obtained a BA Ed. (English) from the University of Calabar in 2002. He was awarded MA, 2009 and PhD, 2013 both in English Language from the University of Ibadan. During his postgraduate study, Dr. Aboh served as a Teaching and Research Assistant, a position that favourably exposed him to the nuances of scholarship. Upon the completion of his PhD in 2013, he joined the University of Uyo as Lecturer I and rose to the position of Senior Lecturer in 2016. In 2018, he transferred his service to the Department of English and Literary Studies, University of Calabar. Dr. Aboh specialises in discourse analysis, pragmatics, stylistics and literary criticism. The symbolic relation between language and social reality in Nigerian literature has been the focus of his scholarly research. He has been particularly intrigued by how Nigerian writers’ use of language shows the link between language and identity construction. His research interest in Nigerian literature extends beyond academic research because he is a published writer of poetry and prose. Dr. Aboh, in 2014, won the African Humanities Program (AHP) postdoctoral fellowship, leading to the completion of a book entitled Language and the Construction of Multiple Identities in the Nigerian Novel. His other awards and grants are: Carnegie Fund for Conference Attendance (2015), Fellow-in-Residence, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (Feb-April, 2015), Fellow-in-Residence, Makarere University, Uganda (Oct-Dec, 2017) and Manuscript-Development Workshop, Makarere University, Uganda (Oct 4-8, 2016). He is a member of the Literary Society of Nigeria and Nigerian Pragmatic Association.

S/N Qualification School Atttended Started Finished
First School Leaving CertificateArmy Day Primary School, Ele-ele, Port Harcourt, River State, Nigeria19831988
Senior Secondary School CertificateBegianding Secondary Grammar School, Begianding, Obudu Local Government Area, Cross River State, Nigeria19891994
B.A.(Ed) English University of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria19982002
M.A. English LanguageUniversity of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria20062009
PhD English LanguageUniversity of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria20102013

S/N Publication
Aboh, R. (2018). Language and the construction of multiple identities in the Nigerian novel.Grahamstown, South Africa: NISC.
Aboh, R. (2018). Linguistic choices and transcultural identity construction in Mary Specht’ Migratory animals. Legon Journal of the Humanities, 29(1), 1-25.
Aboh, R. & Uduk, H. (2017). Meaning in discourse: An introduction to discourse analysis. Ibadan, Nigeria: Kraft Books.
Aboh, R. (2017). Reflections on identity construction in discourse analysis. Ibadan Journal of Humanistic Studies, 27, 107-122.
Aboh, R. & Umoekah, E. (2017). A discourse-pragmatic investigation of election and postelection commentaries in Nigerian newspaper cartoons. University of Uyo Journal of English and Literature. 11, 18-38.
Aboh, R. & Uduk, H. (2016). The pragmatics of Nigerian English in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novels. Journal of Language & Education. 2(3), 6-13.
Aboh, R. & Akpa, E. (2015). Gender relations and identity construction in Abimbola Adelakun’s Under the Brown Rusted Roofs. In M. Afolabi & J. Ushie (eds.) Harvests from the gown:Festschrift in honour of Professor Comfort Ekpo (pp. 449-466). Uyo: FlyPapers Printing House.
Aboh, R. (2015). Slang as repository of ingroup and outgroup identity marker in a Catholic seminary. In I. Kamalu & I. Tamunobelema (eds.) Issues in the study of language and literature: Theory and practice (pp. 511-523): Ibadan: Kraft Books.
Aboh, R. (2015). Slang and multiple methods of interpreting sex and sexual identity in the Nigerian novel. The African Symposium: An Online Journal of the African Educational Research Network, 15(1), 91-97.
Aboh, R. & Igwenyi, E. (2015). Proverbial and metaphorical expressions as conversational strategies in select Chinua Achebe’s and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novels. Gandhigram Literary Review, 4, 57-70.
Aboh, R. (2015). Euphemistic choices: Face-saving strategies and sexual discourse in selected Nigerian novels. Journal of Linguistics and Language in Education. 9(2), 32-45.
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Aboh, R. (2014). Beyond loan words: Bette-Bendi ethnic identity construction in Liwhu Betiang’s Beneath the Rubble. Journal of Pan African Studies, 6(8), 186-203.
Aboh, R. (2014). Neologic practices: Conflation of language and cultural identity in Nigerian novels. Ndunode: Calabar Journal of the Humanities, 11(1), 117-181.
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Aboh, R. (2013). Pronominal strategies: Language and social reality in Joe Ushie’s poetry. The University of Uyo Journal of Humanities, 16&17 (2), 165-189.
Aboh, R. (2013). Proverbs and euphemisms as discourse strategies in Joe Ushie’s poetry. African Studies. 72(1), 107-120.
Aboh, R. (2012). Modality as a discourse strategy in new Nigerian poetry. Journal of Nigeria Studies. 1(2), 1-18. (Fall).
Aboh, R. & Ononye, F. (2010). Slang in text messaging amongst Nigerian university students. S. Babatunde, A. Odebunmi, A. Adetunji and M. Adedimeji (eds.) Studies in Slang and Slogans. (pp. 165-184) Muenchen: LINCOM.
Aboh, R. (2009). Socio-linguistic innovations in modern poetry. The Journal of New Poetry. 6,87-108.
Aboh, R. (2009). Semantic map and ideology in select Nigerian poetic discourse. African Journal of History and Culture, 1(1), 5-15. Academic Journals,

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S/N Conference Description Started Finished
University of Nigeria, Nsukka Chinua Achebe Memorial Conference, 31 January, 2014. Paper Read with Ushie, J.: Lexical Innovation in Nigerian Novels: A Critical Discourse Investigation. Published in Okike: An African Journal of New Writing.A Critical Discourse Investigation. Published in Okike: An African Journal of New Writing.2014-01-312014-01-31
Department of Linguistics and Foreign Languages, University of Dar es Salaam departmental seminar series, paper presented: Language and the Construction of Identities in the Nigerian Novel, 26 March, 2015.paper presented: Language and the Construction of Identities in the Nigerian Novel, 26 March, 2015.2015-03-262015-03-26
University of Ibadan Faculty of Arts Biennial International Conference with the theme: Imagining Order/Other –The Humanities and Global Peace and Security held at the International Conference Centre, University of Ibadan 18th -22nd May, 2015. PaperPaper Read: Names and Naming Strategies: Ethnic and Racial “Othering” in Selected Nigerian Novels.2015-05-182015-05-22
The International Conference of the Literary Society of Nigeria, July 28-30, 2015. Conference Theme: Transnational Migration, Identity and the African Literary Experience. Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State. Paper Read: LanguagPaper Read: Language not Passport: Constructing National Identity in the Nigerian Novel.(Later published as the Chapter 4 of my AHP-sponsored book).2015-07-282015-07-28
University of Uyo Conference on Language and Literature, September 20-23, 2015 with the theme: Language, Literature and Politics held at Onyema Ugochukwu Hall, Town Campus, University of Uyo. Paper Read with Ekimini Umoekah: A Discourse-pragmatic InvA Discourse-pragmatic Investigation of Election and Post-election Commentaries in Nigerian Newspaper Cartoons. (Published in Uyo Journal of English and Literature).2015-09-202015-09-23
Faculty of Arts Seminar Series, University of Uyo, June 14, 2016 which held at Community Centre University of Uyo. Paper Presented: Writing A Winning Proposal.Paper Presented: Writing A Winning Proposal.2016-06-142016-06-14
Athens Institute for Education and Research 9th Annual International Conference on Languages and Linguistics, July 4-7, 2016 which held at Titania Hotel, 52 Panepistimious Street, 10678 Athens, Greece. Paper Read: Language as a Marker of Gendered IdeLanguage as a Marker of Gendered Identity in Select African Novels. (Later published as the Chapter 5 of AHP-sponsored my book.)2016-07-042016-07-07
University of Uyo Conference on Language and Literature, February 21-24, 2017 with the theme: Re-positioning Research in Literature and Language in the 21st Century held at Onyema Ugochukwu Hall, Town Campus, University of Uyo. Paper Read: Framing thPaper Read: Framing the “Other”: A Literary Discourse Analysis of Sex-related Euphemisms in Chimamanda Adichie’s The Thing Around your Neck. 2017-02-212017-02-24
Department of Literature, Makerere University, paper presented: The Language of African Poetry, November 7, 2017.paper presented: The Language of African Poetry, November 7, 2017.2017-11-072017-11-07